Throwing out dinosaurs!

i have 5g internet and iphone 12 but the game doesn’t work fluidly, it actually works pretty hard. to alleviate this a bit I suggest reducing the number of dinosaurs in the game to 100 pieces. to do the voting that should be thrown out and to be thrown out, and those who are left to reconsider if some feature is endowed with waste dinosaurs

What do you mean by throwing out dinosaurs?, every dinosaur in game are unique in their own way…I know that game has become slow, but throwing dinosaur is not solution for this problem.


Eh… No.
Hard pass.


that means you use all these dinosaurs


But why get rid of the dinos? You might remove things people have leveled to max for tournaments or even the arena if the creature can be useful. That would just get rid of their progress, besides many “useless” creatures have great hybrids


Man, even if they’re are not used in battles, they can be used to create powerful hybrids and super-hybrids, that can used in arena…


This would probably be one of the worst ways to tackle this lag issue. By deleting dinos, you kind of delete their hybrids as well, and make it so people who have invested in those dinos for tournaments, or maybe even just for fun have basically lost thousands of coins, bucks, boosts, maybe a bit of real life money because those dinos were deleted. We do need something to reduce lag on the game, like maybe a lower quality but smoother running setting. This however, is not the way to go.


Literally no

Just pure no

To fix the issue of the game being slow just add a graphics option ludia seriously we have been asking this for months now


If there was one way to instantly get a ton of people to instantly quit the game this would be it.

While I do agree the game has gotten slower this is certainly not the solution


Worst idea I’ve ever heard. You can’t just go deleating things because you don’t like lag. No one likes lag. But most don’t suggest just up and get rid of part of the game because of it.


Funny thing is that it’s not the amount of creatures in the game that causes the lag issue. There might be a memory leak or two or 294. The amount of new features Ludia has added also contributes (raid bosses, sanctuaries, new menus).

Have you ever noticed that there’s some lag when you click on a creature in your collection to view their model, stats, description, etc? That’s because the game is just now loading that creature, it didn’t exist in your device’s memory until that point. This means none of the creatures are affecting overworld performance until you try to view them. Even then, they should be removed from memory when no longer viewing them to reduce total RAM usage (provided Ludia doesn’t keep their data in memory for faster loading next time you view that same creature)


I would not like to see all the different creatures just thrown out. Besides reducing the game to 100 species would get rid of a ton of hybrids and super hybrids. By getting rid of non hybrid creatures your also getting rid of hybrid creatures. That would make the arena way less diverse

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The more you think about it, the worse it gets. Let me explain the iceberg of this idea.

On the surface, removing creatures means getting rid of people’s creatures, whether it be something they use for a hybrid, a tournament, or their very own team.

Going deeper, people who have spent coin, cash, or real money on these creatures will be ripped off and have the stuff they payed for completely removed.

Depending on the creatures that get removed, some creatures may have their counters removed while staying in the game. This could ruin PvP as a whole.

Creatures being limited to a certain amount means no new creatures. Nothing can change the meta. It is forever locked to the same creatures.

Because nothing new is added, players will eventually have everything. Nothing new will be added. Players have no reason to play, and will quit. The amount of players slowly decreases, until the game becomes nothing but a wasteland.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we should not have creatures removed.