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Thumbs up the Dragon fight

Was well done! Cool animation at the start for his intro. He had a ton of abilities and some cool and very different and new mechanics that I won’t spoil. Just wanted to give some Props to the Devs for the long awaited Black Dragon. It did not disappoint at all. And even though it wasn’t a red chest as the reward like it is often a reward for completing the final boss of a dungeon this is kind of an event and re playable so it’s understandable that it’s a purple. And it’s a good purple chest with 5k+ gold and quite a few epics like a rally/raid purple chest and not a purple PvP chest. So with that and 2 smaller spellbooks plus a few random other cards as rewards This section of ForestFall might actually be worth re playing at the 300gem cost at least once to fight the dragon again and maybe even the full 5 replays if you have the gems to spare. The Dragon is Definitely gonna be a tricky, challenging and quite possibly refreshing Raid Boss someday. I both look forward and don’t look forward to it :joy:. So thank you Ludia for your efforts.


It was a fun fight but I beat it first time. So had nothing like the feel of all the other bosses which took many attempts and much thought about strategy and load out.

Between the dragon’s one effect and my Nayeli’s Serpentine Owl, no one on either side were landing most of the hits. Fun stuff!