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Thumderclaw Homecoming

I wonder why level 15/20 of the Thunderclaw Homecoming cost me 15 energy while level 16/20 - which I won’t do today - costs 6. Is that because of the premium card involved? Or was that a bug?

I‘m not sure about this but I got the feeling that whenever there is a draft involved it‘s something like the end of a „level“ and after that there starts a new „level“ and the energy costs go down again. Like there are different parts of the homecoming quest ([10-10] for sure, first half with guest dragons and other half with own Thunderclaws, but I got the feeling it‘s more like a [5-5 | 5-5] partioning, if you know what I mean).

i doubt that its a bug. The other “end” stages also have increased costs and then it goes back down. I remember that the 10th stage costs 10, the 15th stage cost 15 and the 20th stage costs 20.

(also be glad about it before they changed it the energy cost increased by 1 for each stage i think. So the last 5 stages used to use up a lot of energy)