Thunder from down under

Join the “the land down under” alliance. @Stiffeno is our fearless leader and master of videos and boomerangs.


And I aint too bad with a spear too hahah!

Always looking for more members, we are currently 10 strong and growing every hour!


not being bad with a spear and something about down under, not my thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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You dirty bugger hahaha!

We also like sausages on the barbie, take from that what you will LOL


My sister used to play with barbies when she was younger, nice you still have fun with them now!

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Wrong Barbie :stuck_out_tongue:, im more talking the kind I used to roast my sisters barbie dolls on haha!

Throws some snags on the Barbie mate :wink:.

Cor blimey these yanks recon they got us aussies all figured mate. I say we toss him in the wheat silo with the Boomer.

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TOO RIGHT!!! (Needed a longer sentence)

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“The Land Down Under” is a rapidly filling Australian based alliance looking for more members! We have 21 members so far and slots are limited and filling fast!

We may be based in Australia but we do have members from around the globe, so feel free to join up today while we are open!

Open Slots:
29 left (21/50)


True that hahah!

Are you currently in an Alliance? if not feel free to sign up! Be happy to have you :slight_smile:

I sent a request earlier. Be prepared for colloquialisms you’ve never even heard of. :joy:

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Just accepted you :slight_smile:

Great, now I just have to refresh my memory on Australian Time Zones. :rofl:

Basically a day ahead of everyone haha


Just think of us a day (well not a full day but many hours) ahead!

If you want I can tell you tomorrows lottery numbers since we live in your future bahaha!

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