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Thx for finally giving some hints



Thank you very much Ludia for finally giving some hints what will be coming to us in the future and that you‘re also showing what we could collect for future hybrids! :ok_hand:

I really appreciate it and I‘m so glad cuz imo this might be a step forward!:wink:

I think you should definitely go that way and continue giving us some hints what to hunt so that we won‘t sit on useless DNA and low lvled dinos we didn‘t collect cuz we didn‘t know what hybrids would come to us.:expressionless:
That‘s what I had when 1.5 came out with new hybrids. I didn‘t hunt so many dinos I would‘ve needed for them cuz I just didn‘t know which of these would get hybrids. :rage:

Also very nice you gave four hybridless dinos these hybrids!! Very nice! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

I just had to tell you this! Thx again! :smiley:

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I predicted that ornithomimus would get a unique. So I leveled mine to 20 a bit back. Feeling pretty stupid and sad now


Oh man that hurts. :frowning:

But yes that‘s what I tried to say that without some hints or patch notes it can bring frustration to the community. Wasted coins, high lvled dinos that still won‘t get hybrids or atleast legendaries or on the other hand low lvl dinos with not enough DNA cuz the player didn‘t go after them.

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It is sad and i am sorry but i think the bigger part of the problem is caused by you guys impatiently leveling up dinos that you speculate to get hybrids. You have the coins and you have the dna just wait to see if your predictions are correct. Right now i am 99% sure that stigy g2 and alankylo are getting a hybrid together and i play alankylo already at level 21 and i have the coins and dna to level up the stigy to 20 but i dont because that %1 percent i will get screwed if i do it. I will just wait

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I’m glad I had like 2k Igaunodon DNA stocked and he was already level 7, so leveling him up to 10 wasn’t bad. I do regret leveling Ornithomimus up to 14 (before 1.6 hybrids were released, I was planning on using her as a member of my team for whatever reason) so that kinda sucks. I hope they release the ingredients for the legendary hybrids soon tho.

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I have noticed a pattern the ingredients for next patch new dinos will start being random additions in weekly event or strikes and spawning globally a couple of weeks before the patch and as soon as patch drops will get extremely low spawn rates. I’m trying to get all my ingredients ready before I will need scents to do so!


Procerato was one of my favorites early game and Orni is a go to still for friendly battles when just messing around. It should hopefully be immune and relatively fast. Looking forward to it although I’m hesitant spending coin and resources on yet another non end game creature.


Orni and procera hybrid should be a legendary instead of epic. I think this hybrid has potential to be a legendary dino. Seems to be far better than monomeletrodon


In my case, my Ornitho is just sitting at level 12, cause I like to use her on the lower arenas. Now my Proceratosaurus is leveled to 15, because I had hoped for a Legendary hybrid from her. Of course she gets an Epic, but I have just over 4800 DNA for her, so I ain’t sweating about it right now x3333.

Besides, she’s fun to use in the upper areas of the Badlands xD

In any case, I have about 24,000 DNA for Stygi G2 at level 15, cause I was hoping for a Legendary hybrid from her - which is obviously not level 20 if she does get a Unique hybrid. But, I am 5 levels away to getting it to level 20, as opposed to being 15 levels away from it, being at level 5. So the leveling paid off at this point…

Unless they decide to use Epic Stygi for the Unique, in which case, I shall shatter the rest of my phones screen and go into a mental rage :expressionless::triumph::triumph::confounded::upside_down_face:


Procerato was one of my very first in the team so its on lvl 11 but with quite a bunch of DNA, same goes for the other ingredients as they have a load of DNA but i havent up their levels since creation yet. Still been darting every Rare i’ve seen, but might have to give some more to Iguanadon. Anyways, is the fusing level for epic hybrid lvl 10 or 15?..think it was 10


10 for epic, 15 for legendary and 20 for unique

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Haha well I didn’t just level him up for the unique possibility, I also wanted to try him out on my team cuz I’ve seen ppl use him on top tier teams. So I’m not actually too upset :stuck_out_tongue: I still have like 10k of his dna and that should be enough for now


Hints? We should have full patch notes 2 weeks before launch. VIP should have a separate server to test it for those 2 weeks to help with bugs. It shouldn’t be an honor to get “some” details, it should be a courtisy.

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Level 28, coming soon.