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Thx for increseing valentine's day scents but

Well i posted earllyer that we berlly get a scent out of green drops. Ludia thx you for fixing it. Also thx for fixing issue with wrong dna and all last week. But is this a joke? I did all ready 2nd special scent and all i get is common allo or velo and only 1 rare at begining. Is this suppouse to be that way? No diplo… no tenon damn i would be even happy with rares poping some times at a time but getting only commons whats even the point for high lvl players getting this scent? Not a single epic or rare even when i walk and get 2 creatures all ways Allo or Velo. Also there is sooooooo rare of strike towers now that i only saw 2 through out this week. Like i totally get that there is balance and all ofc i understand but i think some more strike towers should be added and plssssssssss add more rare possibility and epic for scents couse for real i used up some scents and i only saw allo and velo thats it.

It’s a nearly 44% chance of getting allo or velo with each spawn and less than 3% for anything else so…

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