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THX Ludia

Thx for 1 year of playing of your one of your best game.
You worked rly hrad since patch 1.6, what you did with game with patch 1.7 its terrible.
1/2 pp of my aliance (50pp rating 4000+) leave or stoped playing and I am next.

Gamer/Photoshop(er) Frankenstejn


“Alita” VS “Half tooth”, at some point I’ll face that battle

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I think he knows, he’s just a troll.


And a really weird one at that.

Don’t stress the developers! If you want win easily you have to buy the cash, you have to pay like the others players! If not, leave this game! The rules are the same for all, ok?

Except they’re not. Unlimited boosts purchases and speed boost bug killed any chance a legit player has at buyimg their way up the ladder.

I don’t spend money on the game so I don’t care. But don’t pretend this game is on even ground if you either put in the work or buy your team.

You couldn’t be more wrong

THX Ludia

of all the things this game needs, better audio isnt one of them.

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