Thxs man I love this

This makes me feel so accomplished and happy when I got this
image image

Yet I got this in the wild why is this so common right they definitely did the right thing by taking a week off from collecting this easy to dart common epic


I agree that it sucks, but I can always use the coins and HC from completing daily missions. I will admit that I don’t worry about not completing them now though :wink:


It’d be nice if we got a Unique based on Bary’s design. And I agree that the coins and HC from the daily missions are still useful.

And since I already have ~10k Bary DNA, this means I can take a break from doing the “Play 12 battles” daily mission. Quite the relief. :slightly_smiling_face:

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While that’s true it’s honestly not worth it but the battles I agree with finally I can relax

Best part about them having a daily you dont care about is it lowers the requirements each day you dont achieve it so when you finally get a dino you want you can complete 2 battles. Or feed 1 dino. And you still get the 100 dna.

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It makes me forget about how broken arena is when you don’t have to battle
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Especially when my highest is lvl 24

It’s just relieving
image image

Can’t stop laughing :joy: :joy::+1:

So cool that they didn’t make it an event only dino!

Who doesn’t need more Bary?