Thylacine+hybrid ideas

i and a mate were designing both , thylacine(known also as marsupial wolf/tiger) and a hybrid for it , any thoughts? (also ludia , im here waiting for my superhybrid since a very long ago , when you will give me it?)

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Thylacine is a bit too powerful. Either remove the medium counter, or lose the Speed decrease immunity and about 100 damage. It’s Moveset is interesting though.

Smilocinus is kinda neat. Though I would bump up the swap prevention to 100% and give it prowl instead of Ready to Crush. This could be the Smilo line that has the normal prowl in high tiers possibly. Nullifying counter is odd, but it might work. Overall very nice hybrids. Also welcome to the Forums!

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my idea of thylacine:

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I gave smilocinus RTC instead of of prowl for making it interesting , the nullifying counter is applied to creatures with hight damage such as itself or Procerato , it hasn’t prowl because has evasive impact and if it had prowl would be the deliberated one , all prowling hybrids have it.

I will preserve thylacine’s counter , has it for cheap away damage , as it has a rend move , but yeah , i will low the damage and the decel resistance , And bump up smilocinus swap prevention res.


Looks good , but for some reason it looks like a cheap ML XDDDDDDD , anyways i love that idea , :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Both of these guys look pretty nice, I’d leave them as is

@Cheeseeater OP’s Thylacine isn’t OP because the are plenty of faster cunnings to bring it down


the common velo can perfectly one shot it using pounce

Yeah I think Thylacine isn’t too crazy, but it’s a bit overkill with that much damage. Taking away the counter and slightly lowering the damage would work. Being part Cunning it should be slightly weak to Resilient too.

I think the Thylacine deserves to be an Epic though, maybe even Legendary (although I am a bit biased), and either pure Fierce or wildcard.

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i made other thylacine concept , the one i posted is the one my mate did.

Yeah, seems pretty well-balanced.

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