Thylaconyx Dodge VS Rexy Rampage

Hey, @Ned I played tournament more than 50 matches and fought more than 30 REXYS withThylaconyx. There is a bug that every time I fight I will be going for IMPACT in THE FIRST, He will be using Roar, but after that I will be dodging myself and he will be using Rampage and THE DODGE DOESN’T WORK!!!

Screenshot 2022-06-05 193106
I think you guys can help with this and there is another thing that is regarding Thylaconyx Rampage Icon
it indicates it can remove dodge.

That’s just bad RNG


that coupled with an op creature - mostly just an op create xD If Rexy is just post roar, you can count on major damage and expect that it will pretty much be like dodge doesn’t exist :rofl:

yeha happens alot thor does it to as for the skirmish yes it looks like ir removes dodge or cloak but doesnt so wahts up with that