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Thylacotator in the new meta?

Did you notice that thylacotator is used by 7 out of the top 10 players in arena? Is he part of the new meta?


he is one of the extreme few that can counter Maxima and Tryko.

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It beats a ton of the top creatures. Gemini, Maxima, Tryko, Dio, etc. It’s really good.

I actually forgot to check what do the top players use. May be interesting. Thanks for reminding me

Bleeders are the new antimeta for sure. Dimodactylus might relive. No delay on cleansing swoop and swap-in bleed. Spinotahsuchus now has no-escape. Combined with lethal wound, that really works. Except, it’s very fragile. Maybe boost its health to the max? That way it could actually survive one turn.

Thylacotator has maiming Wound now… and since bleed is more relevant, Thylacotator is a monster.

Spinonyx is a better bet. It’ll draw against the opponent, since it can’t be Decelerated. Spinotasuchus will go down before even dealing two-thirds of the opponent’s HP.


Mines L29 and halfway to L30 - such a beast and has helped me reach #32 on the leaderboard.

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