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Thylacotator Needs to Lose SS

It’s HP is already at the sweet spot, so I think a tad more attack or speed would be fine.

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The cat is fine, almost all the cunning have ways to counter their biggest blow which is the tear, the cunning purifies the bleeding, has a cape and dodge, something that the cat cannot remove with that attack as the resilient creatures do, the cat is good against creatures that can bleed, as many people say, the tanks in the game, I have it in the team and it is never good against cunning, it is more I had it in the team to kill Thoradolosaur, but since that creature It has 50% resistance to bleeding, it is not as good as, since it is usually stunned, and it has the movements that it has on the part of its components that create it, stop asking to remove movements from creatures that have them why his base creatures compose them in this way, 2 movements of each 1 of his components Leon Marsupial and Suchotator.

By that logic, suchotator shouldn’t have superiority strike because neither of its components have it, so thyla has no reason to have it either. If it struggles already against cunning I ask “why does it need a move designed to answer cunning then?” The answer is that it doesn’t need it. Thylacotator is very good at what it does, so I’m a little curious as to why you’d cling to SS when it could get a strike move better suited for its niche

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If they want it to be a wild card, it needs to have some kind of resilient ability, and currently superiority strike is all it has. Personally, I’ve never had an issue with it having superiority strike. I’d say don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. But if it must lose it, it should still have something like decelerating strike instead. It has such little base damage that it should still get countered pretty hard by cunnings.

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Yea I think decel strike would be fine for now. I just dislike the precision and distraction cleansing it has


I should also ask the more interesting question of “does it need to BE a wildcard”, since it would probably be a very good fierce if it wanted to be…but I think that’s a slightly different debate than the one I wanted to start about the problematic move of SS.

Yeah, I suppose not, and it mostly functions as a fierce anyway besides the swap in and dodge on Prowl (both of which have limited use). So I guess Cunning-Fierce could work. I just feel like Thyla is pretty balanced as it is compared to some other dinos.

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I can agree it’s 100% not a top priority for balance, but it’s something that’s been bugging me for a while, especially during skill tournaments when a couple key crits on SS can beat down a mildly chipped cunning. I think if it had less options to bust through evasion (like marsupial lion) I would probably be ok with decel strike

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That sounds fair to me. It really just depends on if Ludia would want to change it’s class or not. I would be ok with either decelerating strike or some kind of fierce or even cunning strike (heck, you could even give it nullifying strike; it could remove dodge but couldn’t decelerate or cleanse distraction). It just depends on what they want Thylas role to be.

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Thyla is fine, its the only balance epic hybrid. Just bring something that immune to dot and has rend resistant.

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Uh can you elaborate why the remove of superiority strike would make it unbalanced? What matchups does it lose differently because the move is different? My understanding was that this change only makes already lost matches more smooth for a cunning user.

I agree remove it for strike or something else

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For me it’s more that it doesn’t NEED to lose SS the same way something like Monolometerodon NEEDS to lose some rend resistance. That said, I’m very glad to be talking about something else for a change :joy: And I’m satisfied with a lot of the potential solutions we’ve come up with.

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ok here it is

Delete Thyla From The Game!

this is a joke. carry on.


Thylacotator is fine as she is tbh

It should able to do some damage agaist cunning because its a wild card. If you treat thyla like that so tenontorex also need to lose resilient strike, but we don’t want that happen so leave it alone. And also thyla has exclusive component so it should be strong. We have a bigger issue with wooly Rhino and rixis in epic class so don’t touch another balance hybrid.

Decel strike could do plenty against cunning since speed decrease is huge against that class. However there’s no reason ludia has to keep thyla as a wildcard. I think wildcard is not a role that thyla needs to have (seeing as arkus and marsupial lion are extremely strong fierce creatures already) to be effective. Tenonto is very slow and is vulnerable to being outsped…meaning it has bad matchups against resilient, faster fierce, and speed immune creatures. It’s also a unique (which to ludia means it’s excusable to be stronger than thyla), although I loathe the use of the rarity argument.

It beats Cunnings though. Even if it got Decel Strike or Cleansing Strike it would still take out half of a lot of Cunnings HP with a crit, is that not significant? Let’s also not forget that since some Cunnings aren’t Immune or resistant to DoT, it can still deal significant damage to them.

They’re quite different in a lot of ways. Thylacotator is actually better than Tenontorex at beating most Resilients and opponents with high HP, plus it has swap-utility. It’s also 2 whole rarities lower.

It doesn’t need to beat Cunnings to be strong though. It’ll still beat Maxima, Gemini, Dio, Tryko, Rixis and so on, plus it has some raid viability too.

Just because there are other issues doesn’t mean we can’t discuss this one, and it’s not like Ludia would have to spend a week or even a few hours figuring out what move to replace Superiority Strike with, so it really doesn’t take time away from balancing other creatures anyway.

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