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Thylacotator:Should I Put In My Team?!


My Team:

If I Should Put in My Team,Who Would be the Best Option To Be Removed???

It would be an upgrade over both Sucho and Diplo. It is very strong for an epic and I would say at your team level would be an excellent addition

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I agree that he is really good for an Epic Hybrid,i will think a little more about who i should take,maybe Diplo…

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Get rid of Diplo and Mono and replace with the Marsupial Lion and Thylacotator.

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IDGT902 is using one now.

i didn’t have good experiences with any bleeder i tried. my sucho is lvl 24 and still a sacrifice dino like all other bleeders.

they seem to be all weak enough to die if you make opponent bleed. sucho has a lot more hp but it’s very slow and no protection, that 90% distract is just a delay to death.

i dropped all bleeders then. spyx, sucho, spino, etc.

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This was part of a choice of creatures that got me through Badlands and up into Lockdown unboosted. With the 1.9 update, I favor the Marsupial lion over Thylacotator just a little. I do like their 0.6 2nd hit of the opponent creatures damage on both.
Thylacotator’s bleed on a creature that bleeds makes it just a bit stronger than Marsupial but for an immune creature, the Maruspial Lion is better.

The Swap in 90% distraction makes Thy a good one to swap to.
I just get mixed up as Thy is immune to stun and Marsupial immune to reduced speed. This is a plus for each against certain opponent creatures. The immunity’s have helped at times.

P.S. Marsupial Lion can take out Ardentismaxima in two hits.


I’m in Lockwood Estates (if that matters to matchmaking), and I face a lot of boosted Allosinos. I like to swap in my Thylacotator on the second move, where the opponent is 99% likely to use their Instant Charge so I can neuter the damage and shrug off the stun, then apply a bleed on my next turn.

If somehow the Thylaco survived (either because their Allosino isn’t quite strong enough to kill Thylaco in one hit or if they try to save the Allosino by swapping) then the next hit I do is 60% of whatever a normally full health bar will be, which is either doom for the Allosino or a GREAT setup for whatever comes next.