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Thylacotator VS Erlikospyx (JWA Battles #5)

Welcome to the 5th episode of JWA Battles! Once again, we play the game by determining the lengths, heights, weights, and bite forces of JWA’s hybrids!

Last time, in a pretty one-sided battle, Entelomoth absolutely demolished Keratoporcus with little effort. Wonder how that Smilocephalosaurus is doing, though.

This time, we have the superhybrids of the two spinosaur hybrids, Thylacotator and Erlikospyx!

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Height: 10 Ft
Length: 16 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 1 Ton
Weapons: Teeth and claws
Advantages: Faster and physically stronger, due to erlikospyx mostly evolving for using its claws, also smarter
Disadvantages: Far smaller, doesn’t help that separate, Thylacotator’s parents are tiny compared to Erlikospyx’s, claws are weaker as well

Height: 17 Ft
Length: 24 Ft
Weight: 5 Tons
Bite Force: 1 Ton
Weapons: Teeth and claws
Advantages: Size, claw strength, as well as durability
Disadvantages: Dumber, slower, physically weaker

Pyritator is knocked back, but charges back forward to an unknown enemy. We see Erlikospyx attempting to slice Pyritator, who dodges easily. Pyritator charges at Spyx, but gets sliced and knocked back into a tree. Before Erlikospyx could finish off Pyritator, Thylacotator charges and claws Spyx, knocking him back. Thylacotator signals Pyritator to retreat. (Thyla did this because of the irritator DNA they sort of share.) Not too happy with what Thyla did to him, Spyx screeches and tries to claw at his new foe, but Thyla easily evades the swipes before getting his own hit in. Spyx keeps acting out of anger and keeps trying to swipe Thyla, but Thyla keeps dodging before successfully pouncing his foe, and swipes his face multiple times before leaping into the trees. Blinded, Spyx gets up and sniffs his surroundings. He feels 2 swipes on his left arm, then 2 more on his right. Having enough, Spyx sniffs and realizes that Thyla is charging him again and stabs his gut. Thyla still attempts to swipe, but ends up with his head bitten off. Tired, Spyx decides to rest. A pack of pyritators can be seen, but they signal to retreat after seeing the result of the battle.

I really thought this was gonna be an easy win for Thylacotator. He was certainly faster, and certainly was more experienced, given that Thylacoleo, or the Marsupial Lion, actually hunted rather than eat fish. So it is possibly there are scenarios where Thylaco could’ve taken the win. But thyla was very fragile, and one good slice could finish him. But the question was, could Thyla evade long enough to meaningfully damage Spyx? Surprisingly, no. He could potentially evade for hours, but couldn’t provide meaningful damage. One screw-up was all Thyla needed to lose, meanwhile Spyx could make MANY mistakes and still grab the win. You could argue that Thylacotator was smarter, having a more evolved mammal in his DNA, and could use that to his advantage to win. But even the smartest predator’s aren’t perfect, and can’t account for their opponent’s every move. Not to mention, Spyx’s size and power was well above anything Thylacoleo itself had ever dealt with, making the winner of this fight Erlikospyx!


Do you agree with this episode? The calcs? Share your thoughts and ideas for more episodes! The next fighters will be revealed again.

Monostegotops VS Testacornibus


Did Thylacotator died?

Once @Thylo_75 comes back, he’ll be able to figure out this fight better than I will

Smilonemys vs Magnapyritor pleaseeeee🤩

Hmm? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: what fight?..ooh

Actually o say it’s close to what happens keep in mind marsupials are some of the :mask: cough cough :mask: dumbest mammals so here size does matter

Welcome back

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Although one thing I want to note; one is erliko is not that big.

Compared to say thera or deino
image image

Even spinoux dna wouldn’t really help since again Barry isn’t that big either

But that spino dna might help it’ out but not by much tho maybe a couple of feel longer or taller

So ya maybe tone down on the 18ft tall and 33 ft long lol just a bit


Plus sometimes ludias models aren’t to be trusted that much take Jurassic world the game for example

This is spinoraptor in game and in battle

But according to the “official” size chart…

It’s absolutely gigantic

So guys give @SonicNTGD some slack :joy:


I’ve always pictured Spyx as fast & intelligent. Its versatility with bleeding from vital areas, minimizing damage, and predicting movements to hit with its rampages are evidence to me that Spyx is smarter than nearly any dino on the block. I’d also say some modern birds are smart enough to compete with mammals in that arena. I would’ve thought speed & intelligence were Spyx’s greatest advantages over Thyla. (K, edit here… I expect Spyx is smart, but I’ll admit, I spoke rather quickly. I forget its competition.)

A fisher must have lightning-fast reflexes, and possibly a mind for predicting motion. A large apex fisher like Spyx would also dominate its fishing area, ensuring no therapods can easily shoo it off to claim territory.

That being said, Thyla has more evasive maneuverability. But few, if any, of InGen’s monsters can fight that as well as Spyx.

I’ll look at Thyla’s side now–I should give it more credit. It comes from the Suchotator, and it shows. I could praise the Suchotator’s intelligence and fishing ability much like I did Spyx. With its Marsupial Lion ancestry, it’s also likely Thyla would have started the fight on its own terms. Spyx wouldn’t really have had a reason to, so I expect the lion to make the first move. Thyla would greatly benefit from that.

This could be a great fight to see. Compared to two therapods having a mouth-to-mouth sumo wrestling competition, this could look like a duel of masterminds full of clever moves.

Come on, you’re talking about the guy who said spinotahsuchus was 8 ft tall at one point (me, in case you’re wondering)


Oh yeah, @Thylo_75 that’s spinosaurus, the game actually says that it’s 15 ft tall

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Which one @SonicNTGD cause not in alive

The game (yes I take time to look at facts of dinos that don’t exist please don’t judge me)

Also I meant spinoraptor

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Lol ya but honestly the scale in THE GAME is hilarious like Barry in that game is just enormous

It’s weird for me seeing it in THAT size and animation lol

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@SonicNTGD I love these concepts but I’m just wondering, how could Erlikospyx bite Thyla’s head off? I mean yeah, it has teeth, but still, I don’t think it could literally bite its head off.

The fight is never intended to be a simulation, so things that even I don’t think could happen may or may not happen in the fight. But to answer the question, it probably could because Thyla’s head is small and fragile, and Spyx’s bite force should be just enough to bite it off, so that’s what I went with

Spyx’s bite force is no way 2 tons. It’s adapted to eat fish, not leave holes in bone.


I’m not sure where I got that from, I thought Spini’s bite was higher but it’s two tons. Spyx’s should be lower than that