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Thylacotator vs. Erlikospyx

The value of Erlikospyx is being called into question for me since while it’s a really good creature, the new Thylacotator looks to be a unit; access to both lethal wound and rending takedown 2 hits anything that lacks immunity to bleed, as well as having speed control and even swap in distraction to nullify rat’s rampage. Since Thylaco is also far easier to make, do you think it could be better than Spyx?

Spyx now being immune to speed reduction really helps it. It’s biggest problem before was being superiority striked and then rampaged. I still think spyx is better because of the high speed and damage, and ofc its ability to one shot erlidominus and dracoceratops. Thylaco is not really capable of such a thing, it specifically targets high health things better with rend and wound. And at this point, it is not even too much bulkier than spyx, not to mention its pathetic damage. Ofc thylaco is waaaaaaay easier to make though. Spyx is just more of a generalist sweeper, where thylaco seems more situational. Ofc this is just how they look on paper, haven’t tested any of this yet

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Not at all. Spyx lost 2 huge counters in tenontorex and dilorach due to immunity to Deccel. Unmatched utility and great damage output in addition to surprising damage sponging ability with DD make it FAR better than that new lion hybrid.


Oh yea oof I forgot about that :eyes: well thank goodness cuz I use erlidominus more

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We don’t know thylaco’s stats, but I can assume that it’s gonna have around 3750 health, 1000 attack, 116 speed, 0 armor and 40% crit from both parents, though I think spyx will still be better due to debilitating distraction and precise rampage even though it will lack the health and critical chance.