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Thylacotator Vs. Pterovexus

Still trying to debate which of these two should earn the last spot on my team for the boost rework. Can i have some more opinions and suggestions for both?

Thylacotator. Easier to build and that 0.6 attack is usually done 2nd turn with a 90% critical.

Thylacotator is an otter that kills tanks and has a decent health pool to survive some hits. Also 2 shots anything that isn’t immune, as long as you can survive

Vexus aka Emo Birdy has better team synergy and also has a decent health pool and a more versatile moveset. Also in my opinion it has a higher chance of being buffed

So, make your choice. Do you want a mutated otter, or an emo bird that looks like it never brushes its teeth

You’ve made this same thread at least 3 times…

Cuz i cant decide lol. Id love both, but i only have one slot

If i knew how to make a voting poll, id love to implement it

Well, of course, Thylacotator is easier to get and level. It depends what you want and what works. I would say Thylacotator is a more reliable wounded due to its lethal wound. It is also good at staling and the rend move it has is amazing.


As expected, Pteravexus can work well with creatures that swoop or run. It’s swap in is useful and can take things by suprise. Especially with the health it has, it normally is able to swoop out again. Show me your team . It might make things easier

The planned team is Trykosaurus, Erlikospyx, Magnapyritor, Indoraptor Gen 2, Ardentismaxima, Grypolyth, and (once i unlock it) Smilonemys