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Thylacotator vs. Vexus post boosts 2.0

Wanting a support dino, and ive been debating these two. Who would fit the bill better?

Team setup for reference:

Indo Gen 2

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They essentially both serve the same purpose from what I’ve seen. Ripping apart tanks. In that regard, Thyla does a better job, but Vexus has more utility and can support the entire team better. I hesitantly side with Vexus.

It depends, do you want an otter alongside your other team members, or would you rather have a rabid bat with a beard? It boils down to personal preference

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From what ive seen, one provides swapping utility, while the other rips everything apart in only two hits, one being hard to make, while the other is extremely easy to level and is easier on the matchmaking algorithm

Since Thyla is easy to make you could make some tests with It It right now by boosting only the stats you would boost in 2.0 and throw It in the arena. Same with Vexus. I like Thyla more but they have kinda different roles, gotta see what has better team synergy.

Do you mean Swoop when you say swapping utility? Because if you’re talking SIAs, Thyla has SI-Distraction.

Yes, i do mean swoop

I didn’t know that vexus was relevant in the meta now

Take a look at the tier list. It jumped all the way to high apex

We don’t see it often cause it’s not as easy to make but it’s not bad at all.

The first (and only) actually good pterosaur

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Though Alankylosaur is not bad, I used it quite a lot in my team some time ago.

Back when it first released, i used it 24/7, and saw it as a better Tragod. Unfortunately, power creep has made it fall out of relevancy ;(

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Anyhow, back to the topic:

I see value in both, but i only have space for one of them.

Vexus: swap in bleed wrecks tryko and the other non-immune tanks, and distracting impact is decent against thor. It does struggle with anything that outruns it, and is hard countered by Ardentismaxima and Geminititan, both very common currently.

Thyla: bleed and rend two shots everything in the game that lacks immunity. Has speed control, swap in distraction can nullify a rat-attack if predicted correctly. While it does lose to Ardentismaxima and Geminititan, it can at least get a Rending Takedown off before it dies to heavily damage them. Also scheduled to get a minor hp nerf, but i doubt itll fall from high apex though

I hate that it got that nerf, completely unnecessary. Anyway, it seems to me that vexus will have more utility in your team just for the fact of having immunity and distraction. The swap in ability can work on indo while Thyla’s cannot. With the dodge change the nullify will come in handy. Though Thyla may survive enough to deal heavy damage with the rending takedown and the swap in distraction is great for taking a big hit or just shrugging off a stunning move.

I appreciate the feedback for both, and im honestly leaning more towards Thyla due to being able to disable the rat’s swap in, as well as ease of leveling and rending takedown. Ill wait and see what more people think before i make a firm decision though.

Vexus loses against Indoraptor Gen 2 as well, and it doesnt really care about bleeds either thanks to mutual fury and cautious strike constantly providing it cleansing

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Well, not much can win against Indo gen 2 anyway. Personally, I prefer Thyla as well.

Just seems it would have more usefulness, and can actually deal more to the longneck immunes before it dies

True it really all balanced, now if only deliberate prowl could actually dodge once in a while

Isnt that getting a dodge chance buff in the next update?