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Thylacotator - Who Are Her Parents, Really?

Was thinking about Thyla. I put her on my team at level 24 and have her almost at 25. That said, she is a little underwhelming. I like her, but wondering what happened to an instant move. Both of her DNA donors have one.Have always wondered why she lost the instant Prowl move for Deliberate Prowl.

While she has the Distraction on swap she has no other distracting move.

I could see where she would be really strong if I boosted the heck out of her speed. Except of course everyone is doing that to every dino, so might not help.

I have Spyx at 24 and have boosted it a bit. Maybe better to dump Thyla?

Thyla underwhelming?
Also prowl sucks and we all know that delebrate is better cause your after any priority move so you can cleanse it and set up that take down. Also giving it another distraction would give way too much survivability. I find her very good and she won’t leave my team anything soon I mean 4,500 health a speed control move, bleed, dodge, cleanse, immune to stuns and a rending move it’s super good sure not the “best” but it’s pretty good


it really depends on what you’re using her for. I try her as a tryko/ thor counter. She also has luck against indo g1 and g2 as a revenge killer.
other than that, she is kinda lack luster.

I’m also on the fence about keeping her on my team, but that swap in distraction has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. She stays for now. (at least until i get something to replace her with)


Lol I found honestly it can easily go toe to toe with indo both gen one and two; all you need to do is this LW first turn it has to cleanse or risk dieing which they usually do, then SS, then SS again since they’ll probably do ES or go for the rampage but if they go for ES then rending bam I’ve killed or at least severely wounded a surprisingly number of indos they really underestimated her also love when a rat swaps in and they get distracted one even when for acute stun after😂

I just finished getting mine to level 26. I find it does make a great Thor counter. But I’m trying to determine if it’s worth putting on the team


yep. but i’ll eventually run into the problem of not enough suchotator/ suchomimus to level her. I can’t easily get to a zone 4. So i’m looking for alternatives to what i have her for just incase.

Pls take all the sucho and irritator here I swear to the lord in heaven that they need to nerf the spawns on them like THERE EVERYWHERE!

Mine it 22

And he can play with the big boys pretty well

But if you are looking for alternative I guess spxs it’s basically thylo just faster, ummm sucho if you want although I think it’s worse than thylo in my opinion, rhino maybe. Ummmm spinox. Dilo is another good one

Lv 20. Can be 22 if I spend the coin. Playing around with my recently created dio in that slot. Still unsure.


I think you good I mean you have trko which is dioraj just better

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Although grypo…:grimacing::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Idk I think he be better to replace with like tarkus or dio
Plus I mean thylo has a a lot of good match ups ex:

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Dio is not bad at all. I had mine on my team a couple of levels lower than everyone. Was always great to swap in when some Erli thought they would just speed chomp one of my dinos to finish it off. :grin:


if grypo had a bit more hp and attack it be perfect for me. right now he almost does what i need him to do. but i have won a couple of matches by bringing him in at the last minute. taken out ino g2s, erlidoms, and a few other nasties.
at least they’re unboosted so i can swap them as much as i like.

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Yeah, a bit. I can’t really dump a bunch of speed boosts on her and that seems to be what she needs. Either that or I give her a ball of yarn and bench her for a bit.

I am still bumping her to 25, but just not sure…

So many times I have wanted the instant prowl for Thyla… I can’t take anything down if they will take me out in their next move though. :wink:

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I think it just might be some of the matchup when I get her I feel more secure in case for stuff like this


Y but then it just lose to dioraj, and tryko cause it can’t cleanse

But cautious strike and then rampage and you’re done right? Or do you survive that?

EDIT: Sorry, see you made it -congrats!

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Also see told ya indo have to be careful in one v one

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Lol sadly yes but I lived