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Thylo/Sarco bug

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Bug Description: I swapped in Thylocator on a level 29 Sarcocrix with 1692 damage, applying the same reduction debuff. The Sarco then used Ferocious Impact, that would normally do like 3.8k damage and even with the debuff it did 3.8k damage!

Area is was found in: tournament

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- swap in Thylo
Step 2 - get hit for 3.8k damage even with debuff
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: once so far

What type of device are you using: Note 10

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Before anyone says anything about sarcos no escape, he try to start my Sarco, and it did not stun but my stun worked so he was stunned at the time, so I switched over to thylo and then this happened.

That’s cause the ferocity mitigates the distraction

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Chris has been around a couple years, I’m sure he knows how ferocity works…

@Christopher do you happen to recall if Sarco crit’d? Also, did either have any speed boosts, if you recall?

It might have crit, but how does ferocious mitigate distraction?

If distraction was 50% it would deal about 2538 damage, massive. But in this case the Thylacotator swaps in 90% damage reduction so this amount of damage shouldn’t be possible…

But the distraction and ferocious cancel out so

1692*2.25 = 3807 - 40% (because 90% minus 50% equals 40%) ~ 2284, a bit less than a normal impact of that rixis

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Uhm no, the distraction applies to the total amount of damage as does the crit.
1692 + 50% x 1,5 = )= 3807
Swap in 90% distraction 1692 - 90% = 169

Even if the distraction would apply to the base damage only (which isn’t stated as such) it would be 1692 - 90% = 169 so 169 + 50% x 1,5 = 380

edited due to miscalculation

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No no no, that’s not how that works.

Ferocity raises a moves total damages by 50% and distraction lowers it by x %. BEFORE ANY DAMAGE HAPPENS, THE PERCENTAGES ARE COMBINED. I.E. 50% + -90% = -40%. Thai is how that works. Ludia is worded it wrong when they made the move id’s.

Also a 1692 rixis cannot deal 5139 because ferocity doesn’t add damage, it multiplies it.
FI does 2.25 damage and the next attacks do 50% more damage. I noticed you put the 50% in the wrong place resulting in that math

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Also Crit is 1.25 now

Actually the move states: increase damage by 50% meaning either one of the possibilities should apply (increasing total damage dealt by move or increasing base damage by 50% which would still mean an increase from 1692 to 2538)

But attack did go down to 1,5 so you’re right there.
So crit would be 3804. Still doesn’t solve the 90% reduction.

Meaning that the move would be a 2.25 multiplier only.

The 2.25 comes from impact (1.5) times ferocity (+50%) giving the 2.25 multiplier

If you’re still confused, run a friendly with someone to test

Like I said, Ludia worded it wrong

Doesn’t distraction only apply to the base damage? Any increases after it is not affected. That’s why even a distracted sarco when using ferocious strike still deals a ton of damage. That’s what I’ve been experiencing anyway.

I just assumed it was a massive bug. Because all the math aside, it should not have hit with the same amount of damage as if it was not distracted at all…

The distract and ferocity cancel out, just like with speed up and decel. If an entelomoth with PFS active goes for PFS again after an erlikogamma pounce, then it will still have a 50% boost in damage and not a 0% damage buff