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Tier level quest

With the raised criteria for the 40,000 fish, 15levels, etc, the lower level player will have more difficulties trying to getting the fish or coin as they have 1,500 coin. It make them slower to growth.

The growth should be faster at lower level. Kindly help to look into it.

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Also, low level players have a smaller basket of eggs. So, it’s more difficult for them to store up eggs for the Hatch Eggs Quest.

Another example, is Valka’s Breeding quests. The real world implication is that it forces players to have ten 2* dragons in their inventory.

The basic problem is that the individual making the decisions either doesn’t understand the implications or they simply don’t care.

In the case of the Flight Club Chest, the development team realized that players were getting Skullcrusher too quickly. So, in a knee-jerk reaction they made the quests harder. While at the same time buffing Skullcrusher so that everyone didn’t quit Flight Club.

What they failed to realize is that none of the changes were necessary. The Flight Club Chest already had a timer on it. All they needed to do was fix the chest reset glitch then increase the timer.

There is no good reason to have the Duties so difficult. They used to be fun, now they are a grind.


I never understood why duties didn‘t were level-based, so they grow in difficulty for higher level players. This would make sense since these players get more rewards at repeatables and exploration, have more storage and can do more stages for the 4h quests / special quests.
The way it is now I‘d like the quests easier for lower levels and just as they are for higher levels if the shortages of eggs and scales would be fixed as well.

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