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Tier list 2.0 (having a look to the top 100 player)

It seems like with the 2.0 update and all the change that come with it, the tier list will be hard to complete.

However, when you have a look at the dino top 100 player use, something seems to be recurrent.

OOP (over over powered): maxima and tryko (100% use)
High tyrant : Alloraptor, thylacotator and marsupial lion (can beat maxima and tryko)
Low tyrant : everything that can put maxima or tryko at 25% life or less, slow immune and fierce .
(Monolorhino, monolometrodon, magnapyritor…)

High apex : everything that can put maxima or tryko under 50% health ??

Any thoughts about it? What would be your tier list?

I found it a little sad that all the tier list is impacted by only two dino.

But I love this update and tryko/max have always be some of my favorite dino …

The tier list isn’t done by the top 100 teams. By that logic secodonto would be high apex.

While @Piere87 and the rest of gamepress do the tier list, it’s done through a combo of sims and discussions, so it takes a while to get

And we’re planning to do things a little different this time around as well :wink:. Hint: it won’t be the traditional single list.


And with a change in every creature and the introduction of raid the tier list will need a lot of work this time.

I just want to give us the opportunity to talk about it before it came out.

For tryko and maxima, it will probably be a consensus, but for the rest, it’s clearly harder to decide.

even tho i love allorap, she isn’t a tyrant dino. She’s high apex. She’s on peoples teams only because she can win 1v1 against maxima. Against tryko is iffy. that resilient impact hits hard.

the base tier list puts creatures in their class based on matchups and discussion. Everything is put to a vote. And it’s really used to give players a rough idea of where a particular creature is in terms of power in relationship to others. It doesn’t take into account boosts, so some things are still up in the air and each individual player will have different results and personal experience.

if it were me, i’d have put Spinocon in low tyrant before 2.0. :wink:

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So uh… does that make Lil’ Kapro a high apex?

Alloraptor 90% Tryko


Sorry all caps rule