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[Tier List] FAN made Uniques + Apex 2.9

What do you guys think of it?


I only see a few issues and its with utahrinex being nearly top tier and vexus being at the bottom utahrinex just cant hold its own even after its buff just due to how much armour denies its damage let alone the vulnerability also vexus can hold its own in a fight just not as good as other creatures so i feel it should go in Nah otherwise i dont see to many problems

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Smilo and Mammo should be WAY higher lol. Tryko should be at least the tier above


Smilo maybe not after the nerf but mammo yea maybe even entelo too as that thing hits like a truck also tryko lost its only benefit which was the ability to slow opponents Actually ive just noticed Ref is down there too would say its mid tier just due to super distraction

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Smilo is still a very viable threat. Its an Anti-Cunning Cunning. Thing stops anything without armour piercing or bleed in its tracks I’ve found

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I generally agree but IMO Mrhino is at least as good as magnus

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Thank you for all your opinions! Yeah, now that I think of it, Mammo and Turtle would be 1 higher. I don’t think Smilo should move up either though. It can be taken by Spyx, Mammo, Mrhino, and Gem.

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Yes your point with Rinex makes sense, it can easily be countered, even by Mortem

Where’s theres snake? (Hydraboa)

General all max (no boost)

It wasn’t on the tier list but it will be Top