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Tier list poll 1#: erlidominus

So, 2 weeks into the update, I’ve decided to make a little series before the official gamepress tier list comes out. It’s going to be every day at a random time so don’t expect it to come at exactly this time tommorow. Today’s topic is erlidominus. So, put your vote in!

  • Arena high tyrant
  • Arena low tyrant
  • Arena high apex
  • Lower

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  • Raid high tyrant
  • Raid low tyrant
  • Raid high apex
  • Raid mid apex
  • Raid low apex
  • Lower

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So Gemini became a Tryko lol


The big problem in the arena is how virtually every Dino in the game can now counter Erlidom with either a cloak busting move or a shield.

I’m seriously thinking I may have to take it off my team now as it can realistically only get one good hit off, 2 if the enemy can be distracted. I still haven’t managed to get a cloaked rampage off since 2.0 in matchmaking.


Erlidom needs decel immunity back

I benched him, despite he was my highest level dino


Yes, both spyx and erlidominus need that to survive the resilient

They were both tied for favourite dino. While I still really like Gemini, tryko was my fav since 1.5. Gem was just the strongest dino at the time and really grew on me. Also I don’t think tryko is the strongest dino. Maxima is (and Mortem second in boosted meta).


I dont get why Erlidom still being a high apex is the majority. For …'s sake, every low-tier dino could beat that! Elasmo, Sucho, and even an Ankycodon! This really just shows how uneven the distribution of the new moves are. Imo it may have some use in Raids because of the Distract. Impact, but even then its HP is lacking. In the arena, it wont even survive one sec, imho probably somewhere in the Alpha Tier. Oh how the mighty Erlidom have fallen


At least it got compensation with 3 times next attack for all the nerfs. I say not good but at least it didn’t just ruin it completely

Erlidominus is crippled against almost all high apex or tyrant creatures now.
Erlidominus get’s slowed, so it will take two hits and die.
Most things can bust through it’s cloak.
If the opposing creatures shield is down, it can still slow Erlidominus, so the next turn a shield can come up or a cloak buster can come up.
Uses in the arena effective against
Magnapyritor to get a revenge kill. Although, Magna swaps out into Trykosaurus and Erildominus gets slowed and dies. Or swaps out to something else which can deal with Erlidominus.

Erlidominus is not even high apex anymore. It is lower unless it get’s it’s speed reducing immunity back,.

Erlim sucks at raids same with indom, but both great in the arena they are best there and own tbh.

Ankylocodon is op now esspeciallycially in most raids not a bad thing though, very tanky a group sheilder immune to almost anything, can remove cloak dodge and distraction and break sheilds.

A great assister and sheilds the healer.