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Tier list poll 2#: tenontorex

Ok, so the second dino I picked is tenrex!

  • Arena high tyrant
  • Arena low tyrant
  • Arena high apex
  • Lower

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  • Raid high tyrant
  • Raid low tyrant
  • Raid high apex
  • Lower

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Oh how the tables have turned with TenRex and Erlidom. Now finally, the majority actually makes sense

I don’t see why tenrex is high tyrant for raids. Sure, it’s good with its heal, but I don’t think it’s on the same level as dio or tuoramoloch in raids.

Dio is only needed on Nemys raid and this unique isn’t that good tbh

Also about Tuor it’s very good also but only needed if you have tanks like Makima, some members are using high boosted Erlidom to one shot the minions so Tuor is not needed to speed up the whole team

About Tenrex we’re using it in all strats we planned in M.rex raids, the fact that he can heal, distracts and deal good dmg makes it a very good Jack of all trades

It’s viable in all strats we planned sometimes we used 2 Tenrex and it works very well

I’d say it’s definitely high tyrant for raids

it’s more the versitility and high damage. it’s mostly a damage dealer with the added benefit of some distraction and healing when nessecary. it’s not a dedicated healer, but is one of the better back ups.