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Tier list, Tier list, where for art though, Tier list?

Any updates?

it usually take time.
When 2.1 was released?

considering they were still working on it before 2.1 came out, i’d say they probably had to start over. since cunnings were buffed, Maxima was nerfed pretty heavily, and tryko’s nerf there’s a lot of match ups that changed. It takes time to go through everything.


Things have been changing faster than a list could keep up.
If Ludia keeps up the trend any tier list put out will be half baked and inaccurate.
Hopefully Ludia slows down a bit.


What do you need it for so badly?

Why are you though tier list?
“Wherefore” is the inquisitive equivalent of “therefore,” thus, the most pertinent facsimile of “why?”
“Thou” is the old-english nominative singular informal conjugation of “you.”
I don’t mean to be a pedant -wait, that’s not true*- but it reads as asking why we need a tier list in the first place.

*I’ll even pedantize myself. See above. (Hope this reads with more humor than antagonism.)

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Well I personally don’t hope we get any Updates, as that would mean starting over again with the Tier List. We’d rather not have that :joy:

Please! :rofl:

I felt like we haven’t been able to keep up since they have started releasing patches every 2 months or so. We are trying, but the 2.0 shake-up really put us behind with things as we had to start from scratch and then didn’t even get to finish it. I promise we are trying though! lol


As far as a Tier List update goes: After having votes, original discussions, veto rounds and final discussions and then vetoes AGAIN with a group of almost 30 people, we are in the final stages. Please be patient as this isn’t a one-day job. If it were, it’d probably not be the quality that we desire it to be.

If the face in your post represents your current mood, I’m sorry to say that we are working in a matter of quality, not speed. We’d rather take our time and perfect the lists that we are making rather than rush one out at the beginning of the update without any testing, discussions and experiences. We do this to make sure that the Community has the best Tier List possible, and that just takes some time.


Just because

That sounds wonderful Bart, but it sounds closer in your response than in Pierre87’s post, are you two on the same list development effort at Wordpress?

As for the image, no I just love The Little Rascals. Haha

Haha thanks, obviously I ain’t no Shakespeare

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Ha! Neither am I. Though I am apparently a 15th-great nephew. None of William’s kids survived long enough to continue the bloodline, so his only living relatives are through his sister Joan Hart. But I digress.
I wish those at Gamepress godspeed! (Has nothing to do with “speed,” bit from German “spedan,” meaning success or fortune. Literally “good fortune.” English is weird isn’t it?)