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Tier ups cost too much

First let’s address what this update does well:

  • Reducing the total power of stat boosts (so DNA actually matters)
  • Making it linear progression (instead of some weird curve)
  • making it a % so it scales
  • making a “stat boost limit” based on level (actual decisions about which stats to boost)

But none of this matters because nobody has any stat boosts in the first place. I’d love to customize my dino’s stats, make decisions about which stats to prioritize, etc - but I’ll never get the change because the cost is so high. 100 for one tier up? are you serious? 6 months of grinding/accumulating boosts gave me ~1400 in each stat, which can’t even get my team to Tier 2. And I’m hesitant to even use them because I have so few and they’re so hard to get.

At this rate, what is the point of having them in the game? So I can grind for months to have one marginally better dino, or an ever so slightly better team? A customization feature is pointless if you never get the means to actually customize.

I get that this is proportional to everyone, but it shouldn’t take >3 months to tier up my team’s stats once. That progression is ridiculously slow. Following Ludia’s “one stat tier up per week,” it would take me 4 years to max my team’s stats (avg level 25). Who knows what ill be doing then but hopefully something more productive than this lol.

My solution is to make it significantly cheaper to tier up a dino. If not, at least make them MUCH easier to get through gameplay. No, not the store, actual gameplay. Whether that means incubators, sanctuaries, supply drops, or some new feature we can grind to earn them, I’ll leave that to you.