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Tiered Arenas based on Creature Level

Dear Ludia and all JWA players, I have some suggestions with regards to the apparent imbalance of battling teams in the arenas.

I am suggesting to have Tiered Arenas based on creature level.

E.g. Tier 1: Only creature level 1 - 3 can be used in the team.
Tier 2: 4 - 6
Tier 3: 7 - 9
all the way to
Tier 10: 28 -30

Players can decide which Tier they wish to compete in to win incubators. Of course, the higher the Tier the better the incubator rewards to encourage players to level up their dinos. This would more or less remove the imbalance of teams because creature levels would at most defer by 2.

Another advantage of this is that players can utilise new creatures because it takes quite a while to level up new creatures before high level players can use them in the arenas currently and this sort of defeats the purpose of having new creatures.

Also, crucial point is that once a creature (e.g. epic Smilodon) is say leveled up to maybe level 30. Then it can compete in any Tier that is for Creature Level 11 and above. Just that when it is chosen for a Tier that is lower, it’s level and stats automatically adjust to the Tier that it is chosen to compete in. This essentially means that once you have unlocked a creature and leveled it all the way up, you can use it for any Tier Arena. This would mean we the players have a huge pool of creatures to choose for battling at Lower Tiered Arenas. The game will be so much more fun and diverse. Of course, a unique dino (level 21 and above) cannot be chosen for Tiers below level 21 because of their better movesets. But they can still be used for any Tier above level 21 if they are leveled all the way to level 30.

Hope that Ludia and the rest of you can consider this (with better suggestions and implementation) for future updates.

Best Regards
Tze Hong

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How would you account for stat boosts?

Hi Sir,

I would suggest Stat Boost will only apply to the creature at it’s current highest level. So if the creature is at level 25 and stat boosted, its boosts will only apply if it is chosen to compete at the Tier for level 25 creatures. If it is chosen for any lower level Tier, its stat boost will not apply. Of course, this is only my personal opinion, do suggest your own point of view. The purpose of this is to elicit suggestions to improve the game experience for all.


I like this plan. It’s not perfect but better than what’s going on now.