TIL daily missions' dna requirement keep increasing until you cannot complete it

I want to say that challenge should be provided in strike towers, daily missions should be a motivation to play the game.

Currently strike towers are not a challenge for old players, while daily missions provides frustration rather than motivation.

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I have trouble with collecting 1920 rare DNA. I have requested rare DNA from my alliance. Also

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Getting 5000 normal dna is really not hard, incubators count also. 2000 rare can be hard thought, depending on strike event incubators.


The problem is that they keep increasing. And we don’t know when will it stop.

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Yes we do. 5000 is the max for dna in general and for common. 2000 for rare. I have been there for some time and I saw a list once.


They increase their DNA requirements but don’t increase the reward. I get 100 DNA each time I complete the missions and they keep raising the requirements. It’s like going to a restaurant and getting a card punch each time you get food. After so many punches, you should get a discount or something free. Instead, Ludia decides to make it harder the more missions we complete. Punished for completing missions.


Like how they have added sanctuary stuff to the dailies which is just stupid, because many times I don’t even have enough to complete them if I had used even 1 of them.

They changed it to a max of 3 now making it super easy.

I can literally wake up in a morning, open free incu, spin drops and hey presto, sanctuary missions for the day done

What about the interaction ones? need 3 interactions and you get 2 from the free incubator. So if your daily is due to reset in less than 6 hours you cant complete it, this has happened to me since daily was going to reset it 3 hours, and it would be 4.5 hours till I could open another free incubator and get the 3rd interaction needed.

This might sound stupid but can’t you just purposefully miss a daily reward as it’s only Pachy, hold of F/I/P and sync up your resources for when the reset comes if it’s only 3/4 hours after you rise?


And you can have 8 in storage, that is 4, 6-hour incubators worth. I had no problems when it was 6/day for the mission. It just took planning and thinking ahead to always have enough in storage to complete. I never opened 4 of the 6-hour incubator on any day, 3 is the most. Get up, open one. Midday, open another. Before hitting the sack, open the third. It does not matter the time zone you are in as they are on a timer, not a clock. They will open every 6 hours regardless.


Perhaps this will help, this is how I manage interaction items:

I do not care about Play/feed. I know I will get 6/day when they reset. I never have more than 6 in storage by reset time, so even when they reset there is room for 6 new ones.

TLDR: For Interaction ones, the items from the 6-hour incubator, I always have 6/8 in storage. Anytime I open a 6-hour incubator and go to 8/8, I hit sanctuary and interact with two creatures leaving me again with 6/8. I interact with sanctuary 3 times a day. Routine: Open incubator, go to sanctuary and interact with two creatures. Done. I have the game open to actually open the 6-hour, why not deal with sanctuary right then and be done with it?

I wake up, storage is at x/12, x/12, 6/8. Have coffee and open the 6-hour incubator. Storage is now at x/12, x/12, 8/8. I go to sanctuary and interact with two creatures. I now have x/12, x/12, 6/8 items in storage. Done.

Midday I open another 6-hour incubator. Storage is now at x/12, x/12, 8/8. Go to sanctuary and interact with two creatures. Storage is at x/12, x/12, 6/8. Done.

Before bed I open a 6-hour incubator. Go to sanctuary and interact with two creatures. I have room to open the 6-hour in the morning without wasting items.

The items from drops take care of themselves as I spin enough to max out every day. I am down to 6/12 in storage when reset time comes and they will fill to 12/12. I always have at least 6 of each item in storage. Call it a buffer for emergencies.


Thanks for all the advice will definitely use these tips!

@Wwwoodchuck for president! Very organized routine. And I agree, it’s not that hard to complete the sanctuary stuff.

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