Tiles bug

i activated the autoplay two times and waited,but nothing happened and i just clicked on flee.

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Had the same thing happen half an hour ago. Since the last update, the amount of bugs has gone up like crazy.


I got similar issues. sometimes the game did not continue and the only Thing I could do was close the app. wrote a Support Ticket but they cant Tell whats wrong until now.

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Ok here is what helped me. Let the Dragons do the attacks and Specials and do Not Touch the screen in that time. I didnt have a single crash since I followed this rule. sounds stupid but helped.

But something is clearly wrong. My board grew full of veins when fighting against Foreverwing Alpha (that‘s not the point, even if annoying) and there were one match left in the first case and two matches left in the second one - but the board reshuffled and it hurt my dragons. They are strong enough to take that damage but I was confused why the board would reshuffle if there are abviously matches left and this happened to me TWICE. Sadly I have not taken pictures.