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Timberjackovs is looking for you!

Are you looking for an active, friendly clan? Are you willing to help us defeat alphas? Timberjackovs could be for you!

All we ask is that you are courteous and helpful to other clan mates and try to hit the alphas daily. Life happens and I get that, so if you will be absent for awhile just let us know and we’ll keep your spot. Those who do not hit the alpha for multiple days with no communication will be booted.

We are a rebuilding clan and have clawed our way back up from losing all but 3 members to having 18 and defeating all 4 star and some 5 star alphas. Previously we were defeating 6-7 stars. We’d love to get back to that level and beyond and we need your help!

Look for us in game and send a join request - we look forward to having you!


Come on folks, you know you want to join us :smiley: