Timberland Holligans 39/51

You gotta fix this level guys. Everyone in my clan is stuck on it. I’ve seen multiple threads on reddit about how bad it is. I’ve tried using multiple different combinations of dragons and my team power is higher than theres.

No matter what my defense / healing dragon gets wiped off the board before I get even one of their dragons to 50% health generally. Let alone gets their special ability off.

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I managed to beat it with my team (total power 5138) only because I got REALLY lucky with a combo.
It is a messed up level, specially because of the Waveshakers, their skill fill up too fast -_- you can’t even heal yourself properly thanks to the Gloomleers

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I’m pretty close to that stage! It’s been a struggle for me so far. :sob:

I feel like sometimes the auto-play does better than me.

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I Don’t know if i mentioned this in the other post, but i didn’t really have much problems beating stage 39, but maybe i just had the right set of dragons to beat the stage? Anyway my bp at that time was lower than the bp of the stage and i was using: toothless, frosty, copsekeep, tripfire and Revenger

I beat it with out runes. It’s all about team management. You haven’t posted any pics of your team so we can help you. What are you fighting ?