Time and enjoyment improvements

Jurassic World Alive is supposed to be a game where you get off your rear and walk around chasing dinosaurs. Its not supposed to be a game played for 4 hours a night grinding battles or fusing dinos.

Alliance missions we all know are good for newer players to get DNA and help from top players. The Exploration ones are challenging and fun since you get to explore and with some hardcore nuts, get tier 5 done. The grind is not felt so much when you are chasing dinos and spinning stops. UNTIL… 450k Rare DNA mission. That mission and to an extent the Epic mission require players to either spam incubators or fuse 1000s of DNA per person. That is boring and takes play time away from actual game play of hunting and some PvE.

Now comes to the elephant in the Alliance room, tier 4 and tier 5 Defense. Calling them grindfests would be kind since, they do not achieve anything worth the effort. 6k battles can only be done by friendly battling 3k times within the Alliance. That is minimum 3000 minutes of battling. Even divided by 50 is 60 minutes of battling. That is not counting the 1 in 2 chance of not getting a friendly battle connected, the 1 in 3 chance it times out and the 1 in 4 chance you both get a bad hand and need more time to end the battle.
2800 incubators also are hard for alliances since you need all hands on deck and then a few players willing to pay Ludia HC to get extra incubators.

Now the whining is over. Here is the solutions:

Introduce a Multi-fuse option. A one-off purchase with HC maybe 100 HC so Ludia gets “paid” for the work. This allows 100 fusions to be done in 1 fusion. Capped at 3 times a day. So servers are not overloaded.

Change the alliance missions for defense. Swap the takedowns and battles for both tiers AND reduce both incubator requirements by 25%. So tier 4 is 2k takedowns, 1k battles, 600 incubators. Tier 5 is 4k takedowns, 2k battles and 1500 incubators. Still very challenging but less grindtastic. This will give players more time to go out and hunt, enjoy the game. Maybe meet people and hunt together.

A last suggestion is shifting the DBI quotas such that its:
Tier 1: 3
Tier 2: 20
Tier 3: 40
Tier 4: 60
Tier 5: 110.

It still adds up to 233 DBI in a week but it reduces the need to store 2 DBI from 1 cycle to the other.

Do the above suggestions and the game will be much more fun to play.


Or just put a proper strategy in place to allow your alliance to succeed. No one has to pay for incubators to achieve the current rank 5 defence if done right.

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With this change my burned out alliance might make it to tier 3 defense. All together, my alliance has only turned in 51 DBI total so far. The big and most difficult part has been the darts in the Exploration and DBI’s in Defense.

I had to take this screen shot to show my burning out alliance. This is all me, my two accounts on Exploration. The rotation for alliance missions is great but we are too burnt out to care. I could go for the Tarbo’s but I just don’t have the energy.


That’s just poor planning. Our alliance does the 3 daily’s then the 30 daily’s in less than an hour. Then we have the 50 daily’s opened in the first 20 hours. That’s 88 daily incubators in less then 24 hours. It’s not hard. You need the same thing every week. Save them prior to the start of mission if they are not required for a players daily mission. You can save 3 each before you lose any. Then time them out when you open them so they are not wasted. They are what causes alliances to delay at the start of the mission if you dont have any saved.

If done right. Still requires players to play throughout the day. Notice there is little room for error in defense, a few DBIs opened wrong, and the week goes to hell. A few incubators opened before time, someone has to make up the difference.

Its possible but too fine margins to be fun.

My issue is that defense is nigh impossible to do if you didnt save DBIs from the previous week and its a lot of DBIs.


Sorry to harass you here but I needed to clarify some stuff.

I dun want the DBI quota reduced. Just shifted so its less holding and more proactivity. I want a reduction in battles and incubators because arena/friendlies get boring over time. I did easily 300 arena battles and opened 100 incubators this weekend. Won a lot lost a lot. Was it fun? No. Even with better matchmaking or what not, its still a drag doing battles regardless of if they were friendlies or arena.

To my alliance, friendlies are better. Faster and less angering.

Holding incubators and anything else to help defeat the missions is being proactive. That doesnt mean we dont do them when the mission starts. We need 83 daily’s the first day to get us to rank 3 defense in order to have a good chance at 5 and 5.

Anyway. Seems like you do your part in your alliance. If you arent making 5 and 5 you must have a lot if lazy players.

I did the math. I dun disagree about everything you said by the way. I learnt a lot from you in the other posts.

I want change so the alliance missions will be less boring and less shut down and start up.

I accept it will never happen since Ludia is lazy in its coding and/or incompetent in coding.

We have a lot players who do not play enough to fo their fair share for defense. A change in requirements at least makes the game easier for everyone so players can enjoy both sides without having to grind.

Exploration is half as difficult and its more fun. No one wants it to be made easier and there is less holding.

Not everyone can play at our intensity.

Why not just make it easy and join our alliance then…lol. You wouldn’t have to do 300 battles and open 100 incubators in 2 days to get 5 and 5, unless you want to open that many for the DNA.

This may have been mentioned, but daily mission darts are at 100 which if it was an every day mission would be 700. I believe the alliance mission darting per week comes out to be 980 each? We get it done every week, but many are getting pretty burnt out with it.

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We don’t have a darting issue. We have a lot of active players on the exploration side. I dont care if some dont dart at all. I do thousands when the mission is on. Battles and incubators is what we are always looking for

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Hey @Kodiakhunter1 . When are you going to come and join our alliance…lol…we’ll make a spot for you…:slight_smile:

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I like my alliance. I am too soft hearted to kick less active players.

Its more of a equalising of the 2 missions to be equal difficulty.

Leaving an alliance to going to a Spartan one is easy. I got offers from a few.

980 darts a week? I do that in 3 hours. Exploration is much easier. If your alliance plays 1 hour a day, get everyone to dart at least 5 dinos a session. That gives you 2.5k darts a day.

I agreed that the defensive missions are too excessive. My alliance used to grind for tier 5 defensive incubator during early alliance missions first release but not anymore. Too many issues on the PvP system make it boring. We have to wait so long just to let the game prepare a single round of friendly battle. Sometimes we disconnected during a match and need to restart the game to continue. In additional, the game sometimes not prepare the match for us even we both accepted the challenge.

Thus, friendly battle becomes the most time consuming, painful and annoying ever in this game (so as PvP).

For those who have got smooth experience during friendly challenge or PvP. Congratulation! You are so lucky. Please convince me to like the PvP aspect of this game again because I lose all hope to see the game as fun as it used to be (this doesn’t even include the issue with game balance e.g. boost, rat, Thor). :sleeping: