Time change to 10:00 AM

Time change to 10:00 AM for creatures

Bananas guarding at bars for 5.

Fall back, spring forward. We are summer why the change?

Change what to 10AM and which timezone? And why?

I’m confused, have times changed or are you suggesting a change?

Why can’t people learn to make proper formed posts?

10:00 AM not 9:00

10:00AM WHAT? Which timezone?

ARMCHAIRS! It’s all between the armchairs!

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The creatures change at 9 I think they should change at 10

Move one timezone to the east.

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Sleep an extra hour, then you won’t know the difference.

So it was a suggestion!?!

You know what makes suggestions better??? Making it clear that you are making a suggestion. How do people survive with such basic forms of communication?


Haha, beats me.
I think what he means is this:
“I think it would be nice if the daily switch of the event dino spawns changes from 9:00AM to 10:00AM (CDT).
The reason for this is because my timezone is the only one that in the whole world that I believe exists, and I’m personally using my phone a lot in this hour, and I would like to see more event dinos during this hour. Of course, it doesn’t matter when other people use their phones.”

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Wait! There’s more than just my time zone?!?

I thought everyone in the world had the same schedule as me. That’s crazy!

Next thing you’re going to tell me is that the world is round.

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Round as a pancake, yes!

My world view has been shattered.