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Time Efficient Gameplay

I have been thinking a bit about how much time is required if you want to do everything and trying to think of ways to be more efficient with my time. I hate the idea of grinding for little resources and have been thinking what is the best way to spend my time in the game?

I don’t do any boss missions (not on purpose anyway) or fights as that is not my goal nor do I find it a good part of the game. It is resource poor and time intensive. Big no for me.

I have been doing less events, particularly the coins, waves, sometimes modded and common/rare rumbles… 5 fights for a common or rare is also a lot of time for another ophiacodan.

I rarely do code 19’s, as I find them dumb, laggy and you need to have large paddocks to get good rewards (instead I sell for DNA so I make it back there).

I don’t find battles particularly interesting as they are all pretty much the same. I like MOD battles but they take wayyy too much time for animations.

In tournaments, I have been doing fodder, lev 10 dime, lev 7 tapy and find the battles are a lot quicker as I can often win on the first or second time with 4 reserves.

I think the daily mission pack is worth getting but I often just start the battles and quit unless I actually feel like doing more battles.

But I think the best way to use time efficiently is to work the trade harbour. Clock in for 10 seconds every hour and take the AF to DNA, bucks and sometimes food.

I know this isn’t the fastest way to progress but it leaves me feeling like I’ve done high value things and kind of cut the chaff of low value activities.

Wondering if anyone else has altered their gameplay to be more efficient as the time sink is kind of draining and repetitive? What are some other ways I can make my time spent playing only doing things of high value?

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um i was going to contribute but after reading, you pretty much stated my exact routine in this game lmao. though the only reason i do pve now is for sdna and COT but sometimes wouldnt even have time to do so. after being able to make it to dom in tourneys, ive just also felt comfortable with my lineup so didnt really have the drive/ need to put in the effort of increasing my ferocity lol.

I Don’t do PvE and mod battles, but thats it.

Everything i do because as a late game player, fills my resources for far powerful dinos and lineups.

Im not gonna say you’re playing this game wrong simply because with this being a F2P game it has no real endgame, only late game goals based off what the player wants.

Mind me asking what you do enjoy about the game and thus keep playing?

If time sinks aren’t your thing, then F2P and mobile games aren’t for you, IMHO.


+1 to this.

This is a game. It should be a source of fun and enjoyment - not something you minimize…


I’m mostly on board with a lot of this as I try not to spend too much time on the game despite managing 3 accounts, mine and 2 of my kids. But over the last year I’ve kinda of refined what I do and what I skip. A lot of it depends a bit on where the game is at progress wise too.

I don’t pay attention to boss missions, if they get done they get done, if not whatever. Even while doing this I have plenty of boss DNA

PvE, I’ll do quick easy-ish ones if I need to unlock CoT on my account, I normally skip prize wheel reward PvE’s. I try and do most PvE that gives legendary pack rewards, 1 for the creature and 2 for the LPs. Depending on how full my hatchery is I will try and finish them just before my custom trades refresh so I can trade the prize for LPs immediately.

On other accounts I don’t pay much attention to the PvE unless the CoT is a good unlock we need. Like this month is Segno, that is a parental dino for one of the best herb hybrids in the game. It’s worth the effort for sure if you don’t have it unlocked. Same with Gorgosaurus from last month CoT. If you are passing on good hybrid parent unlocks you don’t have that is poor play IMO.

I used to skip code 19’s, not any more. don’t care about the normal DNA rewards, it’s the nickel and dime sDNA i am after. The sHybrids are such power houses right out of the hatchery and their cool downs are crazy quick. They are way to useful in the lvl 1-10 range to skimp out on and after you unlock them you don’t need much sDNA to buy another.

Daily mission pack is very worth it considering how easy it is to do all of the daily missions other than collect 3 card packs. (for me… on 3 accounts) I have been getting lots of legendary aquatics lately from the daily missions packs and you can’t hate on 55 DB’s and sometimes scoring 1500 DNA. Those along with the LP and DB rewards you get for completing some of the daily missions. I do forfeit the 3 aquatic mission, forfeit the 3 ceno mission then I do 1 modded PvP with jurassics to use up the 3 mods I bought for the daily mission. I actually play the modded PvP, landing on a great reward is not uncommon and well the sDNA is very welcome as stated above. I’ve received around 200 sarco sDNA in the last several days from modded PvP and i’m that much closer to my 5th Spinotasuchus. I’ve landed on 400 db a few times, several Rajastega’s, spinoraptors, diplotators ect… it’s worth the 3 minutes or whatever everyday IMO.

That’s just how I see things after playing for a while and again managing a few other accounts at different levels of the game. I had a thread about starting to help one of my other kids with their account which made 3 accounts total and how I wanted the park to basically be mostly self-sufficient as quick as possible. It’s been several months now but I’ve been really happy with how her game has progressed and planning ahead and laying the foundation for her game to be solid in the midish progression of the game.


Sorry for butting in, but why you trade for LPS and not DNA?

I’m non VIP, DNA is easy, get a nice steady stream of it no big deal. I’ve been steadily gaining DNA for quite some time until recently when I started buying a few expensive hybrids every week. LPs are much harder to come by and are my only way to get VIP creatures which are pretty solid and since there are quite a few of them and basically playing the loto buying 10k solid gold packs it is going to take a lot of solid gold packs to get enough of them all to get them all to lvl 40

Just for example a few weeks ago I got a random trade offer like 32k coins for 5.5k DNA. That aint ever happening for LPs


I do enjoy aspects of the game, such as collecting and planning out how to advance my lineup.
In my mind this is a collection game, not really a battle game, as the majority of battles are not difficult and repetitive.
My idea was to try and bring to light the things that are worth doing if you don’t want to spend as much time in the game.
At the beginning, low resources and worse dinos force you to make decisions and it’s a challenge to see how far/fast you can progress and that is what makes it fun.

But it gets to a point where the only real challenge is doing the same thing over and over again (and maybe the infinity battle challenge). To me, doing something mindless or really repetitive is not that exciting, which is why I would like to maximise the challenging/less repetitive aspects of the game.

I’d love for some different rules tournaments, (even MODs, if they found a way to speed up the battle).
Or some new events that push you to advance your lineup for a bigger reward. Such as a monthly event that has maybe 6 stages, where the first gives a super rare pack, and the last gives a tournament hybrid pack. But for the last one you need to have near max tournament legendaries to have a chance at beating it.

I guess basically I’m at a point where I am getting near to unlocking all the tournaments, and I don’t use many of my top for tournaments so they aren’t much of a challenge, making tournaments a mindless 3-4 hours of my weekend. Everything now I guess is kind of to finish the missions and to build my own goals. But there is really nothing to build to that the game provides, no incentive to get there.


And to collect most of the dinos, it includes battles and evolving them. I don’t see how feasible it is to collect dinos outside of battles.

The whole point of F2P mobile games, is you either have the time or the money. This game really punishes you if you go the route of time. I am a vet player since basically launch, and just 2 months ago I finally collected every dino.

Which was overall disliked by the community en masse.

Clash of Titans after lvl 60.

Not for a monthly event :joy: :joy: :joy:

You are talking about completely bypassing the whole monetary system for easy rewards. As skeptical as I am of F2P games, that’s the whole business model. Pay for a faster experience or grind. Ludia at least has the middle ground of VIP.

The only Tournament Hybrids they give out are in tournaments themselves, like Dunkleosaurus in March Matches.

Thats when you either create your own goals or you got your use out of the game. That or I guess you could just pump minimal effort into the game and just collect new dinos as they come out, but by no means is that a great early or middle game strategy to collecting dinos.


I think you are missing what I am saying. I understand you need to do battles to unlock dinos, but my point is the overall game is collection. Many other collection games have puzzles to solve for example.

My main point is that if you go for time to unlock everything, like you mentioned how can I do that most efficiently? And share ideas of what I do to get progress while not spending ridiculous amounts of time playing.

My point for a Mods tournament is just an example of how repetitive things can be made less repetitive and more interesting. It doesn’t have to be a mods tournament, but if the battles can be sped up I actually think there is a fair bit of the community that will enjoy it.

The idea for another big monthly event is not to replace COT but to push people further towards the end. If they need max level tournament hybrids to get the pack then they might spend money getting there.
Whereas ince you reach a certain level and the game gives you no incentive to move forward except for your own goals I think the spending will be a lot less.

I think you are getting caught up on the specifics and missing the general idea that not everything in the game is worth doing, and perhaps there are things that could be added to increase the challenge at endgame and increase the enjoyment with variety.

I’ve actually increased the ferocity of my top 6 just to make battles more challenging which I have found to give me slightly more motivation to play.


A modded tournament is definitely something I would be skipping for a number of reasons. 1 Having to purchase all the mods which are mostly random unless trade harbor, 2 how unbalanced some of the mods are, you could be dead on arrival if the other team has some collection of particular mods. Then you waste all the mods you just used and the entry fee for the battle… no thanks.
3 Modded battles take way too long with all the mod highlighting before and during the battle, ain’t nobody got time for that.

As a non VIP player I find the advancement and progression of this game to be pretty fair and balanced. The only thing that would take a long time is if you are trying to lvl 40 all the strongest creatures. Could take a bit and some dedication but obtaining every creature in the game isn’t that tall of a task IMO. In just over a year I have been able to collect practically every jurassic and a lot of the aquatic and ceno creatures from where my game was already at which wasn’t anything special. A little over a year ago I had 1 tournament dino, a lvl 20 I rex and not much else other than most of the normal legendary and below unlocks. All the tournaments lately have been a collectors dream, I never thought I would be able to collect as many new dino’s as I have over the last year.

I’ve already touched on what I thought was worth the time to do and why but kinda like Ostapo bae said if you aren’t getting anything or much from the game and skipping on a lot of things that are going to pay dividends in the long run it might be time to just hang it up for a bit. I started my account many years ago and played a good bit for a while but the game was vastly different then. I got burnt out, sabotaged most of my park before I quit playing and left it to rot. Out of nowhere over a year and a half later i logged into my account and started just messing around a bit and then got back into the game and here I am today enjoying the game again.

Everyone needs to figure out what they would like to accomplish with the game and get out of it and the level of commitment they are willing give to achieve that. If people can’t make those things come together then it just might not be for them.


It’s 2 sides of the same coin: the other side is dino battles. Of which is used to collect Dinos, and make them more powerful.

This is why I don’t see JW:TH as a puzzle game.

And yes, there are ways HOWEVER the 2 that it always comes down to are time, or money.

Even getting dinos by waiting for TH trades, or RNG prizewheel spins, takes resources to obtain.

Thus there isn’t a whole lot of advice anyone can give because you are essentially asking for shortcuts around playing core game mechanics. Thats something I cannot fathom. At the end of the day, it’s your prerogative, but for me I don’t spend more than an hour and a half playing this game, unless it’s a tournament or boss I am grinding to get.

Ludia does change events, it just takes them a while to.

I don’t disagree with adding new events, I disagree with the rewards obtained and resources needed to pump into it to win (like some modded event/tournament).

I, and many others here actually enjoy the pace and strategy needed to win. Thats why this thread is so foreign to me. You are the first player I’ve come across who wants shortcuts to playing this game.

Mods are actually disliked because they slow the pace of battles way way way down, see here:

^ this seems to be the community consensus on anything modded.

Ill be flat out, the endgame sucks. Indo is too powerful, and tournament hybrids are supposed to be hard to obtain. Thats why I strongly disagree with speeding up/autonomizing the game, especially the endgame.

I never said everything was worth doing, it just seems like you want to do barely any battles but reap greater rewards and/or expedite progress in this game, when the progression is fine in reality.

I enjoy the game from an endgame perspective, i just disagree with the balance of it and want to ween players off/away from it because it’s an unrealistic goal due to the balance of the endgame dinos.

Also, this is pretty much why we have other events like Bosses both PVE and the playable 2.

Thus I implore you to play the game, and not find/ask ways to expedite the progression and collection of Dinos.

I don’t understand where I said that I want shortcuts to the game or faster progression?

I thought this thread would be helpful for players who merely don’t want to (or can’t) spend large portions everyday and to try and maximise their time spent playing and it has devolved into something else.

I really don’t understand what’s wrong with trying to be more efficient with my time while playing? Haven’t asked for faster progression (I even mentioned my progress would be slower at the start). Haven’t asked for anything easier.

I respect you have got opinions on how the game should be played but because someone wants to spend their time differently I don’t think they should be shut down.

I get most players on the forum are probably more active but I guarantee there are plenty of players who don’t spend as much time in the game as the average forum user. I was hoping their would be at least some on the forum that were willing to share efficient ways to spend time and exchange ideas of what may be/may not be worth doing.

Thanks subxero for your input.


Just to contribute again, as Ive mentioned at the top, and again now, I think Im pretty close to the way you think and feel about the game. Btw, havent read everything so i may be saying stuff thats already been addressed.

But when you said that adding a month long thing like COT would be good, the dilo/ snake week long tournament actually forced me to be more active in the game. so adding something along the lines of that more often would be cool to increase ‘forced’ engagement.

Im also here in the forum as I want to learn how to advance in the game by avoiding mistakes that would delay my game’s progress. Eg.: Without the forum, i wouldnt know about the importance of balancing your lineup.

But I also want to reap as much as possible without putting much effort in. I probably sound really silly where as Ostaposaurus bae said, it is going against the game’s core mechanics which is time. As I myself am in love with the JP franchise and would not want to stop playing/ miss out on collecting dinos yet, but am definitely not as dedicated as others are on here. So no, I also dont consider myself as someone who should stop for now as I currently still do enjoy it. But, I also dont think its an issue or unfathomable to ask about time efficient game play on this forum.

In regards to time efficient game play, I think what youre doing is enough to progress without spenidng too much time (as that is my routine as well). A lot of @Subxero11 's strats are what I also use. I dont really do modded tho due how much time it consumes imo. Let me know if youve found other strategies lol