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Time & Effort Wasted... Back to the drawing board

I have been playing diligently & far too much honestly for over a year now… I really worked quite hard to get my DIORAJASAURUS & put a lot of resources into leveling it up initially because it had a really great swap in invincibility & a nullification strike…so I used it specifically to counter the cloaked Indominus Rex Rampage. DIO has a decent counterstrike so it also helped chip off a bit of Life from the angry Indominus. Then several months ago Ludia took away the swap in invincibility ability & nullification strike away & replaced nullify with an instant invincibility you have to wait for the second turn to use. SO, I had this Unique that just got its purpose taken from it. Timing for defense against Indominus didn’t work out for it most of the time, but the way it was set up now it worked great to counter the Indoraptor’s mega punch from its cleansing strike followed by the massive Rampage…if timed properly you could block the damage from the Rampage with instant distraction and then hit instant invincibility to negate the cleansing strike while counterstriking and doing a fair amount of damage before you were hit with a significant blow, but as of a few days ago DIO has been rendered ineffective for even its second purpose of defending me against Indoraptors… You can no longer distract an Indo and other than that you only had one other real defense against it by stunning it & you can’t stun it anymore and slowing it only works for a turn before it cleanses itself… I absolutely despise the fact that I wasted a lot of time to make this DIORAJASAURUS, lvl it up, & boost it only for you to render its real effectiveness null and void not once, but twice in 6 months…& then give me 100 dino dollars for a consolation… Gee thanks… You could just give back the resources I jammed into it so I had a good defense against these specific opponents that I can’t use it for now so I can put them into something else once I figure out what will work. Who am I kidding though right?

If you think Dioraja is useless right now I’m afraid you’re using it horribly wrong.


It’s not useless it’s just useless for what I had specifically been using it for.

On the opposing side of this update I love what has been done with MONOSTEGATOPS! I miss the Nullifying Strike, but she needed an instant ability and they gave her a magnificent one.

Wait, someone saying the old Dioraja was better?
And preferring the new Monostegotops??



I haven’t used dioraj, So i can’t say which I would’ve like more. However, monostego is now… difeferent. I liked the dual nullifying it used to have. Was my go to for dealing with things that had evasion. When null strike was replaced with destraction, I adapted to her new play style. With this update, it’s time to adapt again. This update will bring a lot of growing pains. Relearning each dino’s passives and new abilities.

Considering most people dropped indo off there team in 1.8 exactly what was dios role on your team for the duration of the 1.8 patch? Countering a dino very few ran?

Dio still has plenty of good matchups indo just isnt one of them… considering the rngs base team selection running any dino for one specific situation that you may or may not have your solution when your opponent may or may not have the problem.

I am not sure what you mean. I did not see a decrease in the Indominus or Indoraptor use at all throughout 1.8. I seem to run directly into a massive level 25+ Indominus every time I enter the arena.