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Time era challenge

Welcome to Time era challenge. In this series, we got opponents from different era competing against other creatures from different eras. 16 creatures from Paleozoic to Cenozoic have come here to compete against other creatures. Everyone has to have strength and weakness, and the creature that gets to the series finale wins we will have 4 Paleozoic, 4 Mesozoic, and 4 Cenozoic.

  • Aquatics, Critters, Famous creatures, and Pterosaurs are not allowed. Semi aquatics are fine.

  • Facts can be find on websites

Our opponents…

Paleozoic: Hyneria, Arthroplerua, Estemmenosuchus, Eryops

Mesozoic: Xenoceratops, Paleorhinus, Achillobator, Zby

Cenozoic: Anancus, Iranotherium, Xenosmilus, Procoptodon

We need one last creatures for all of the era. The poll will be in the comment section below. See you around!


Five creatures want to volunteer for the fight, but only one can be in it. I need your help to choose the creatures for the fight. Most vote means they are in


  • Archosaurus
  • Cotylorhynchus
  • Dinogorgon
  • Eryops
  • Pareiasaurus

0 voters


  • Anodontosaurus
  • Falcuris
  • Veterupristisaurus
  • Xenotarosaurus
  • Zby

0 voters


  • Argentavis
  • Giraffokeryx
  • Holmesia
  • Kubanochoerus
  • Procoptodon

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Did you forget about this? @Apple

No. I just don’t have plan for this. When I do, I’ll let you know

(10 character)