Time for a change

Hi guys!
I’m looking for a new alliance as my current one is falling behind and only a few are active.

I am F2P with currently 4.8k trophies and daily on. I like my battles, even with these freaky boosted dinos around.
Ranked Top 250 in the current tournament.

Looking for an active alliance that gets at least 4/3.

So, who’s got a place for a german dino fighter?¥

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Woohoo @Jensen! Sounds like you’re pretty active!

I’m P2L :sweat_smile: I’m teasing. I’ve been slightly winning since I’ve finally started using boosts a few days ago.

I’m certain you’ll find an alliance soon! Or they’ll find you :eyes::sunglasses::blush:

We would love to have you, we currently have 2 spots open. We do communicate through discord. Our Alliance name is Raptor hunters. You are welcome to contact me through discord, cakemom13#2854
We do have rules we to which we adhere, as we put Alliance missions first. I would be happy to go over the details with you, if interested.
Thank you

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JWA Suriname wlcomes you. We’re 5/4, active, fun& informative in messenger group. You can join us before the mission’s week ends… do let me know

Hi jensen. Please check out jurassic mundo vivit alliance. We are also discord users and have a nice community there, along with guides and tactics for getting R5/4

What is big deal about 5/4 alliances and why does all keep saying that? Isn’t all guild at 5/4 these days?

Is that the best you can say for your group?Hey guys we doing the same as everyone else? Lol.

Why nobody is saying 5/5 guilds?

Well, I can tell you that not all guilds are 5/4. My current (actually now ex) guild just finished 3/3.


appreciat your responses and invites. I’ll have a look and get back ASAP

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Thread can be closed-found my alliance

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