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Time for a Diloracheirus Buff (Utarinex as well)

Once upon a time it was considered the best dino in the game. Now, it seems everything else got immunity to x so it’s been slowly dropping down tiers. Diloracheirus and Utarinex were both once a menace, up there with the likes of Erlidominus, Tryko, etc.
They’ve been forgotten and so it’s time for a buff. Dilorach’s first attack move is simply too weak.
Give it:
Distracting impact (1.5x damage)
Immune to decel
Precise stunning rampage OR maybe nullifying rampage and run?

As for Utarinex:
15% armor
Increase speed to 127/128
Immune to decel

Let’s discuss.


Yes fix these dinos. Grypo and the Darwin hybrids as well

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Yes, fix them! Stygidaryx also needs a fix. Grypo And Vexus are fine tho

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Utarinex doesn’t need any change, I agree with the Diloracheirus buff though. Stygidaryx is so bad, that no one even talks about her. She’s the one that needs a huge buff, and especially a kit rework the most.


Yes, we need stygidaryx to be buffed so much, they reach tyrant. Come on stygidaryx! If Magna, Dio And Maxima can, you can too! Heck, your partner pterovexus reached high apex, I hope you do too!

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I don’t feel dilo needs immune to decel. What matches would that help him in?

I prefer immune to stun - so he can do better vs instant charge and swap in stuns. He has really good t2/t3 dmg; current problem in my experience is hes shutdown before he gets it off.

Agree on old moveset back.

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I swear if at some point diloranocheirus gains a type of immunity I’ll be mad

Utarinex don’t need changing at all she’s fine as she is.
Please concentrate on unique dinos that are rubbish

Such as grypro/turo/stygidaryx possibly vexus

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Grypo is not trash.

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From my experience of it, it is pretty rubbish.

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Against Maxima, Gemini. Those two completely destroy dilorach in two turns.
Immune to stun could work too though.

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Utarinex needs something. Give it 10 or 15% armor like its parent, utasino at least. Immune to distraction would be good too.

My thought is those are supposed to be counters to it. Right now it struggles to counter thor.

Thanks for the reply.

the players at the top of the leader board would disagree

Agreed, both of mine are lvl 24 and benched. Styg needs something, almost anything to be put in play, have never even put her on the team. Turo desperately needs a buff as well. Also created but never played, just too week.

Then the people I’ve faced with it have no idea how to use it…

I also know alot of players who have it who agree with me that it’s pants

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They don’t need immunity to decel since both have moves themselves that can slow the opponent and they don’t need a buff they are fine as it is now. Maybe just dilorach can get a distracting impact so he can deal more 1 turn damage.

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probably at least the top 10+ teams the last few tournaments used grypo

dilo needs something because it’s big move is obviously the stun rampage. now that basically everything is immune to stuns, it’s not really usable


Personally i love rinex the design is great :heart: does it deserves a buff? Yes, but instead i would nerf utasino a bit this way rinex will get a indirect buff and doesnt need any changes as for it i have 2 options:
1–remove utasino armor and keep 127 speed or
2—keep the armor and reduce its speed to 125 (this way rinex can keep its 126 speed)
also reduce its damage to 1420

Dilora just buff its speed to 130 and give it imnunity to stun
Change distraction to distarcting impact
Change stuning rampage to stuning impact


Immobilize changed to ferocious strike
Immobilize becomes the new crocs passive
(When this dino is on field all enemy dinos canot escape ) unless it dies off corse

Stygidaryx need a total rework
Ds rampage
Lethal Swoop
Instant invencibility
Swap in invencibility

But then dilorach would have the same moves as dilorano