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Time for some fun


Been stuck just below 3700s, so I assembled this raptor themed squad just for giggles. Hoping to acquire the utahsinoraptor this weekend, and replace echo with her. For the time being, It might be better to swap echo for indo? She technically is a very bulky raptor hybrid :joy:

Most likely going to get wrecked with this team, but win or lose… at least they will know my appreciation for raptors lol

Owen would be so proud :clap:t3:


Echo is just plain bad so yeah, sure, go ahead and replace even if you don’t mind losing but would like to have a chance at winning :stuck_out_tongue: good luck! xD


That’s awesome!!! :+1::+1::+1:


I know right? Raptors need speed, and the ability to reduce 50% damage, given their low healths in general. Poor Echo, she just didn’t seem to make the cut haha. Going to need all the luck I get, just hope players don’t get too annoyed with that pounce :wink:

So far my first match is looking good. Raptors are so fun to use. Just wished I could level up blue :heart_eyes:


I wish I could level Delta. I like her even more than Blue but she just doesn’t spawn in my city at all T_T


Same I got mine to level 10


Dang, are you getting the other raptors in your area?

I’m hoping to level delta up as much as I can, since I won’t be finding blue anytime soon lol. Love that she is much faster than the pyro… just wished charlie was a 130, that would be a huge game changer. I was lucky enough yesterday on my nightly hunt to come across 2x delta. Currently at a lvl 11 now, just imagine a high level delta on the battle field :heart_eyes:


I’m getting Echo in my neighborhood, which is pointless, and Charlie in the rest of the city but not often enough to replace my Utahraptor with her. Blue doesn’t spawn yet. But all I want is Delta! :sob::sob::sob:


aww feels, I don’t know how many times I get excited seeing a rare raptor only to click on it, and it saying echo. One of those big sighs lol.

You are more than welcome to hunt in my local neighborhood :grin:


Why, thank you! I’ll take your invitation into consideration :stuck_out_tongue: jokes aside, the first thing I’m gonna do if I travel somewhere is check if they have Local 3 spawns. I’d kill for some Delta and Parasaurolophus :cry:


Of course haha, I tend to look for local spawn 1 & 2. I’m in need of some megalos, kapros, and pyros :heart_eyes:

My delta is just a tad bit weak from a one pounce kill, but she held her own with this lvl 18 pyro and still won the battle :grin::ok_hand:t2: