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Time Glitch

Has anyone else experienced time glitches in game?

Quite often (once or twice a week) I will be halfway through collecting coins and the entire park re-sets. This has some benefits. ie. I get to collect coins again and buildings, park expansions, card packs have sped up and finished…never the hatchery, creation lab or trade harbour sadly.

However, it also sometimes, as it has just now, re-sets my prize wheel. Depending on how late in the week this occurs it means I sometimes can’t make it to diamond level.

Has anyone else ever experienced this issue?


Hasn’t happened to me in quite some time, but for a while it was quite common, other than the prize wheel. If the prize wheel resets, buy out the Diamond Prize with Dinobucks and then turn in a ticket to Support. In the past, I have always gotten my Dinobucks reimbursed


One week ago, I’ve bought different park expansions of 200 DB, I had only one to be finished and all of the others would took 4 days. Once the first one got ready amazingly all of the other expansions were ready too! When it was supossed to take 4 days, this week I tried the same and didn’t worked so maybe a few fixed glitches

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It happened to me twice that all my dinosaurs that were cooling down suddenly appeared to be available, and I used them. But after one fight all of them continued with their respective cooling downs, all of them, not only the three I used. Last time was during last week’s Fight for Funds event, perfect timing!


yes I’ve had that happen once or twice as well. I’d just finished my 2 hour run on opening day to get to the top of dominator league so the thought of being able to do another 2 hours was exhausting. Thankfully it went back to normal after the first battle :slight_smile:

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Thanks. If I need to spend DB to finish it off I’ll submit a ticket.

This has happened to me a few times in the past, and literally just happened to me again right now. As some have said, the glitch can be beneficial - you can collect coins and food, and “instant” coodowns for dinos. However, it can also be a really big problem if you are close to the diamond pack in the Prize Drop.

If you do not want the glitch, I have found that if you exit the game immediately after spotting the issue without collecting the coins/food and using the dinos, then it resets back to normal. You just have to be able to spot the signs quickly. Importantly, DO NOT check the Prize Drop as I have found that once the game resets you back to the Zinc prize, it “remembers” that, even after you exit the game.


It may only work if you do the buyout when it resets. I’m not sure. But go ahead and try

quite possibly. as it happened so early the buyout was 8k DB…which i had nowhere near :slight_smile:

If you get a time glitch and the buyout pops up, force close the game from you device. Don’t X out of the buyout window or anything. That has saved my lotto progress in the past.


great, will do that next time