Time limit


The time out limit is cool, but also very annoying when someone doesn’t take their turn. It should be if you allow it to time out, you forfeit the match.

Any thoughts?


No way Jose! Sometimes it’s a bad connection not always a slow player


There are allot of bugs in battle also that cause this to happen!


Yeah, unless they can rid all bugs, which they can’t, then this would not be good.

There’s currently a bug sometimes where you chose your attack, but the game doesn’t register it properly and there is nothing you can do until timer counts down, then it uses your basic attack. It wouldn’t be fair to then forfeit the player because of a bug.

Plenty of other bugs that would impact this too.


So me with probably the worst connection in the world has no problem, but the rest of the world does? And not everyone has the advantage of going g to the park to collect, yet we deal with it.


I’ve encountered something even worse. At the beginning of the battle the countdown to choose your opener starts at about 30 sec. But my RNG-chosen 4 of 8 only reveal at 10-3 sec to 0. No joke! Today I had exactly 3 seconds to deceide which one should open. Sometimes I have 12 seconds. But seriously, this is madnes :sweat_smile:


I hear ya, maybe a forfeit of that turn is what is needed. Nothing worse than playing your move and waiting 20 sec for your opponent to let the A.I. to decide every turn is a bit rediculous though.


I experienced that the cards start to be revealed at 25 seconds but sometimes the app lags a bit. I solve this all the time by tapping randomly the screen. This helps me also when the dino is already on the battle field but the attack buttons are not shown before the 15 sec countdown start.


I’ll try that next time, thanks!


Didn’t work for me, unfortunately…


I am sorry :frowning:


At least you tried to help me :slight_smile: