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Time of alliance missions is always over


My issue is that alliance missions don’t work for me. Time of these missions are always finished (Time is over). So I can’t participate in Alliance missions while my alliance team tells me it works currently.

Can you help me please ?

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Same here.


Can u show what ur talking about?


This, probably. It’s happening with my second account, so I took a screenshot of it just in case I needed it. Glad I did!!

Edit: Just a side note, but they’re working just fine on main account, which I’m thankful for. I’m usually active on the main account for most of the week rather than the secondary one, so I’d rather have progression on it than this one if just one is gonna glitch out!!


Thats very odd. Ours is working fine. Did u download the new update?


I don’t know about OP, but I definitely did, and honestly, it’s only made the issue WORSE on my second account!! Now it freezes if I try to interact with the missions on that account!!


Lol that sucks. Idk man. Ours is working. Nobody in our alliance is reporting any problems. Guess were lucky


Just got an update in playstore. That was fast. :grin::joy:

Missions working for me.


I just downloaded the update and still the same thing. Alliance missions timed out and unable to contribute. Everything else works as should just alliance missions.

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I am stuck here too. The timer is at zeros, and now it is freezing the whole game when I try to interact with it.

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Be glad if you can still login. I downloaded an update to try and fix this issue and havent been able to login to the game since.


Before update (from app store): time is already over, cannot upgrade or claim reward. Could return to game

After update: game freezes after clicking the above buttons

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Same as Alvegis.


Just seen this link in another thread. Here is the link to support if needed.