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Time of alpha battles

I haven’t been able to participate in alpha battles during the week because they take place while I’m at school

Just wait until Alphas take more than 1-4 hours to be killed. The events last for like… 23 hours, I think there’s still one hour of delay to wrap things up, but you get 1 energy every 4 hours. So, if you can log in once every 12 hours and, hopefully, deal more than auto-match numbers(or worse, because I’ve seen people do worse) - I’m sure there is a clan that would love to have you. Until then…there are just better and faster people in your clan. Probably will take up to one more week for 500k+ Alphas to spawn and that’s when most leaders will start taking things seriously. I know I will. So you better prepare, because challenge is coming and if you can’t participate at the start and won’t participate enough before the end… The “time of battles” might be the least of your problems.