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Time Out - 10 seconds & under

So, noticed a fun thing over the last few days. Every time the counter reach under 10 seconds the game will automatically kick you into a timeout match rather than have you fight a bot. This is NOT a bug but seems to be by design.

I understand there are reasona behind trying to get us to play other players, but why are the remaining players having to timeout when there just isn’t anyone to play? Is Ludia hoping to have me keep trying until I find a player? Guess what, it does the complete opposite. After 17 timeouts today and only 3 real arena fights I would rather put my the game away than keep trying.

Thanks Ludia for sticking it to the remaining players who are just trying to get some dailies done and showing me just how little you care.

Rant over. #annoyed #frustrated #timeforaNONalcohicdrink

I do not know anything to say, I just say thank you ludia, for making us wait for a battle that I will more than surely lose :pensive: