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Time-out Threshhold for Arena Battles?

Hi Ludia team,

Can you tell me what the time threshhold his for timing out of Arena battles? Just got a phone call from my spouse while I was mid-battle. It only lasted 2 minutes - long enough for him to tell me he needed to make a stop on the way home from work and ask if I needed anything. When I resumed my game, I had lost the battle due to a time-out along with my 5-battle streak.

Two minutes seems awfully quick for a game to time out, especially considering I have put normal battles down for 15 minutes or more with no issues. Since many of us are adults with responsibilities that might necessitate us having to step away mid-game, I think a little longer time limit would be helpful, along with perhaps a counter.



I think if you leave the arena battle just for a few seconds it will give you that error. I once left (turned the phone screen off) for no more than 30 seconds came back and got that error. Honestly the minimum time for it should be at least 5 minutes. Because I don’t understand how 30 seconds is too long.

@SongbirdT that’s a hard question, but luckily I was able to get the answer from our team! :slight_smile:

They confirmed that it’s 2 minutes. I also shared your feedback of increasing the timer.

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Game didn’t load then this popped up, it’s hard to be active on the loading screen

Had this happen as I started a battle, was an instant lost without even a chance to fight my opponent

This has happened to me too