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Time out time

I am not the only one here who thinks emote spammers are annoying. They honestly ruin the fun of the whole emote system, and I like to say well played or compliment someone who uses something different. The other say I saw a brontolasmus in gyrosphere who did a number one me, so I give him the buff DNA to say that’s cool, because it is. I never see brontolasmus. Then you have THOSE people. The ones who yawn, point, and thumbs up because they get good rng or just because they wanna act annoying, and I am annoyed. So here is my idea: The time out button. If a player has sent like ten emotes in the same battle, then you have the option to put them in a “Time out”. As to what this does I’m not sure, but it could limit the next time thery can emote or even battle, but honestly this is annoying and people will probably agree, but as for the punishment, I’m not sure.


I’ll use the yawn if they abuse the use of swappers but that’s it

As long as you don’t yawn every. single. 20. seconds. Then that’s OK

I had someone use magnus monorhino drakoceratops and dio they kept swapping as soon as they could it’s a good tactic but it is very annoying

I really don’t mind if opponent yawn or spam emotes because they get bad RNGs, or even just because they’re losing. But I absolutely hate people spamming emotes because they got lucky or because they have much better dinos, they’re shameless and pathetic


U wanna know how many times it has happened to me? Don’t ask, I stopped counting a few months back

I wonder if it’s just bad luck. If I see something unusual I’ll typically say “nice”, they say thanks. If my opponent gets a lucky low probability stun or crit they say “good luck” and I say we’ll played. I think they need more “positive” emotes but for me at least the jerks have really become uncommon

I start off with Good Luck, and end with well played & good luck. I use bumpy emote, just describes, umm, dunno, but I use the point and laugh for defense, when I’m getting attacked with it.

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