Time spent grinding?


Just curious how much time y’all spend grinding and farming dna? I literally spent the majority of the day yesterday rotating stops at the three local parks where I live farming Galli and raptor. Raptor is not common anymore where I live plus I don’t hunt at night as much so The raptors that are out I end up missing. What about y’all?


Grinding is exactly the word. But then again, the missus is always late…


Half hour or so on the way home from work each day. Otherwise I try to manage an hour’s walk or cycle each day. Obviously some days are better than others depending on my free time.


I’ve got a dog so half hour or so walks round the park about 4/5 times a day plus whenever I’m outside on a bus train or car passenger I have it on grabbing what I can as I pass by


I don’t consider it grinding because it’s exercise. If I walked without doing the game I’d still need to spend the same time.


Average 2~3 hours, mostly for checking those event drops and find event dinos I need.
And I’ll catch all epics, non-hybrid rares, and some commons I need.


Ok so sounds like I’m with the majority. Yesterday was out of the norm for me. I usually go on a hunt with my husband when he gets home for about an hour or so, we hit the closest park and he darts while I drive. I think since we don’t live in a big town is why I don’t collect as much dna as some :pensive:


I used to go to work by bus, so when I am a passenger I catch every rare / epic I see. To come back to work, I am a passenger on my husband’s car. These two rides are approximately 45 minutes in total. Then, if there are some special park event I want the related dino, I manage to leave my house an half an hour before the usual time, to make my path throgh the few green supply drops in the city I leave and in the city I work, changing bus half way. And forcing my husband to ride me on some parks at evening as well :smiling_imp:
I could grind in the morning al well, seen that I work part time, but I am too lazy to do it :crazy_face:


I’m in a vehicle for 40 hours a week at work and can hunt as much as I want in between work related things. And sometimes I’ll go out at night for 1-3 hours. I don’t go out at night as much as I used to though because it’s not worth it half the time.


Yeah same here. After the raptors stopped spawning so much my husband and I haven’t done night hunts as much. We might now see 2-3 raptors the entire hunt when we used to see 2-3 just in our backyard lol


My biggest gripe with ‘grinding’ comes down to the limiting factor for leveling up… the coins.

We are capped at how many coins we can collect. I’m level 11 currently and capped at 9200 coins i can gather (getting some from battles and incubators is a whole other gripe). Currently I have 9 dinos that can be upgraded but they’re going to cost me about 60k coins to upgrade. It’ll take me 7 days to get that many coins… in those 7 days I’ll get another 5 more upgrades …

having this coin limit per day is just asinine and really slows progress. I thought it was going to be availability of DNA, but not as much as coins have been.