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Time to admit, players make the game boring, not Ludia

The last few updates have introduced some pretty fun and awesome creatures. I have worked to level up some to fight with. Cool moves, great looks, the works. What happens? Even at lower arenas I run into boosted thors and erlidoms that sweep those fun creatures.

Ludia’s trying, but for things to work they have to rely on the player base, as fickle a bunch as you well ever find.

So here I am still stuck trying to make my own fun in any way I see fit.


I do agree with you.

As I see it:

Some of those new dinos could later be new hybrids. Meaning many of those will stay at level 20.

Too take those dinos and overlevel is a risk of losing a lot of valuable DNA.

I think most players look at the game as a long term investment. And also we need to use a lot of boosts from the earlie arenas, meaning we need to bet safe.


Remember the good ol’ days when it was just about building and battling? Now it’s all about boosts and which dinos get it and how those get nerfed the next patch so you either get a 50% refund, stick with those boosted dinos and try to make it work, or create 178 threads whining about it.

New game name: Jurassic World Boosted


Boosts (specifically the reduction in value) made it so that people are even more locked into whichever dinos they applied them to. What we’re lacking is the ability to move laterally (aka freely apply those boosts w/out penalty) in order to add variety to battles. It simply just costs too much to lose half our boosts to “try out” anything new.


While I understand the idea, I don’t fully agree.

Problem is, if the DC was overpowered and everyone could use all their free boosts to apply, I guess every player would.

If now Indo Gen 2 is the ”best” and overpowered dino, everyone would use all their boost on that one.

It can’t be in that way all the time.

Then the idea of having variation in the arena also fall if everyone could switch their valuable boosts unlimited times.

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Oh don’t get me wrong, boosts break battles in so many ways (esp speed boosts) that I’ve stopped counting; but the comment was specific to why people stay “locked in” to a specific sub-set of dinos.


I see your point.

I think the older meta diden’t change so fast, and that caused the fixed teams we have today.

When the damage of DC could just continue for months, that affected How we played.

When the Sino camed in the alliance for months, that affected how many Thors who camed.

This means. Everyone needed to defend themself to those 2 top dinos in some way.

The proof of everyones teams are nearly the same (80-90% of the players) is a safe bet at look at when you build up your collection.

Also. While we have options, they are not equaly strong as the combination of dinos avaliable at the DC/Thor meta.

I think a great step have been taken to nerf down the swap-in-rampage and now allow more options in the teams.


Yes I agree with origina post; but I’m not really sure what is expected. The best are picked and used… Because they’re the best. The answer to this problem is to make more just as good. Yes Ludia is trying and they’ve done a decent job recently, but we just aren’t there yet. Maybe forget what a Dinosaur is made of and just balance purely on rarity, the current idea is good but it hasn’t worked great. Also I think most players play to win as opposed to play for fun.

This is why I love campaign mode and the easier strike towers. They’re GREAT for trying out new dinos! For example I’ve been using my freshly-leveled unboosted 25 Erlikospyx on the easier strikes, and I love it! Of course it will need a few more levels to be team material thanks to rat. I also found out that Ardentismaxima still kicks butt after several attempts at level 69 of the campaign mode yesterday. I finally won it using only The Dentist. Other combinations simply didn’t work (L30 Suchotator, 29 Procera, 30 Tryostronix, etc.).

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I disagree. If it was hit or miss sometimes and some things could be exploited, then that would be a player base issue. But its so many things so much of the time that its clear the imbalance is either due to negligent, misunderstanding, purposeful, or profitable actions on the part of the dev.

Many of the issues we see would be solved if their development cycle allowed for better testing and that even includes knowing and understanding what the player base is going to use. However that assumes the issues are due to negligence or misunderstanding. If the testing and cycle is not the cause, then its on purpose likely for profit.

There is really no way to excuse many of the actions of Ludia. Players did not introduce boosts, Ludia did. Players did not ask for a loss of value in switching boost systems, Ludia did. Players did not ask to have their boost locked into one dino, Ludia did. Players did not ask for specific op dinos that people would sink all their resources into to get a leg up on the competition, Ludia did. Players have asked for some limitation to dropping, but Ludia has done nothing.

This thread is basically saying that people that want to win are the problem because they are playing the game the way Ludia is making us play. That is not what I see happening here.

Having said that…most mobile games I have played go this way with power creep and profit as the guiding principle to most if not all of the development’s actions.


I would level more dinos if it were cheaper. The coins get too expensive.


You can accumulate a lot of coins by maxing out all supply drops daily, completing the daily missions, battling in the arena, donating DNA, doing Campaign battles, and of course completing all strike towers daily. That’s how I manage to be F2P. Of course this isn’t possible if you’re only walking. You need to play as a passenger or ride a bike/scooter/skateboard.


I get the OP, but the gamepress shows that there are only 10 top tier creatures. Can’t blame players for pushing for these creatures.

The problem, as been said earlier, is boosts. It locks creatures in where others could be used. NOTHING has been as corrosive to gameplay as boosts. :hugs:


Friendlies as well. Really enjoy those as it is equal levels and a great way to try new things.

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Boosts were a terrible idea to begin with. But even without boosts, without proper balancing players would still focus on leveling top tier dinosaurs for their teams only and there would still be little variety in the battles.

Balance the dinosaurs as if there were no boosts. Reduce the amount of devastating advantage boosts give and it would open more dinosaurs to being arena viable. 50% increase in damage or health is a ridiculous amount of advantage.


There will always be different styles of play.

Some like to chomp and go for heavy damage, others will prefer to chip away at the health of the opponent while having high health themselves.

There really ought to be a wider choice of end game dinos to suit all styles of play. Sadly, because of boosts and the abundance of certain dna since the game came out, that’s not the case.

There will always be whales who are willing to invest, look at Ardentismaxima and Indo gen2 as prime examples. Massively boosted and high levels almost as soon as they came out. But the same players still used Thor, the rat, Magna, Erlidom, Tryko, etc…

I would hate to battling the same 4 dinos match after match, and at 5100 I’m fortunate that there is variety where I’m at. The minute I get the same 4 to battle time after time I’ll have a break from the arena.

I know I’ll probably catch a lot of slack for this, but I would prefer they just eliminate the boosts and if that meant not getting the money back then so be it if that was the only way ludia would agree to removing them.

Yes I did invest a chunk of change into this game, probably close to $2k but it’s not exactly fun like it used to be, aka…prior to the boosts.

So letting the hating on me begin, but that’s ok, its makes me feel like you’re family if you’re hating on me too. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Question for discussion:

Would the arena become better if players was needed to use 1-2 dinos from different caregories?

Meaning the arena would look more like the campain?


  • Indoraptor and Indoraptor Gen 2 coulden’t be used in same team, because they are in the same category…
  • You Could only use 1 swap-in-damage. Not Monostego and DC. Because both are in same category.

Also, more dinos in the same category should be more equal. Meaning, the gamepress should rank 5-10 dinos in same category as top-dinos.

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Main problem is players prefer to win rather than have fun. They try to win no matter what…


Players will always take the path of least resistance thats true for almost any game… sure a small percentage will do things differently but the bulk will not.

I think the biggest problem with this game is Ludia sat down and looked at clash royale and choose to emulate that game without looking at the games it was “inspited” by… mainly ccgs. Supercell followed a approach by mostly introducing cards 1 at a time but even they struggle with power creep.

Ive been thinking alot lately about what if Jwa went the traditional ccg route with dealing with power creep since Ludia wants to add 8+ creatures every patch and most of them are filler/hybrid material anyway. What if we had season blocks where a set amount of creatures were valid for season play and each block lasted 3-4 seasons… the map could mostly feature these 20-30 dinos and their components in the case of legendaries and uniques. Spawns would have to be increased… coins earned would have to be ramped up to to accommodate for the faster path to that seasons end game. Arena incubators could only have those dinos. Arena and daily missions would feature dinos from the next block so with the exception of new creatures we would have a bit of a jump on the new seasons. And if 4 months it would start a new.

It would take alot of work… some mechanics would need to be changed… but gone is Ludias need to drag out the path to end game and to create dinos like indo g2 for us…

They wouldnt have to balance dinos to be able to be viable against the entire roster. And with uniques being so rare youd want to only feature so many of them like 3-4 at a time. So suddenly some dinos like something like meg… with some tweaks to ensure its viable against the other 29… doesnt have to compete with a team spot against tryko or dio…

Ludia is free from having to nerf or buff to shift the meta cause every 4 seasons their will need to be a reshuffle. And in the best case scenario take atleast 2 seasons before the dedicated hit end game. It wont be wasted resources a dino can always be feature in another season block…

They can add another mode where the whole roster can fight and earn incs, and missions. But no trophys.

Boost 2.0 would be the biggest issue… pricing and tier cost would need to be adjusted cause instead of asking people to boost the same team for years its the same team for 4 months. But at the same time boost would still work in the legacy arena…

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