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Time to boycott?

Spoofers run rampant, unchecked and unabated. New features don’t work right and old complaints go unanswered and unacknowledged. Now there is a tournament coming up again and it looks likely that the cheaters that were at the top of the board last time will remain in the same places this time.

Perhaps it’s time we put our money where our mouths are and stop the flow of cash until something is actually done. It has been proven there are cheaters among us, as well as Ludia showing us how quickly they can fix a glitch (when it is in the players favor). They treat us like :poop: and assume some treasure hunts and epic strikes will be enough to placate the riled up masses.

I for one pledge to not spend another dime on this game until I see real effort and results. Clearly the paying cheaters have Ludia’s favor, and the rest of us just have to deal with it.

End rant.


I havent spent a penny on this game since December…cancelled the three vips…until they address cheaters I wont even consider spending again.

Anyone that continues to spend money… hoping they will do the right thing are foolish. Whenever they receive money its a justification to keep current practices not motivation to change.


I bought an iPhone for $40.
I haven’t spent money on this game for awhile.

If Ludia does nothing, join them?

Yeah, I dunno.

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what’s about the iphone?

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I’ve never known for sure, but I have always assumed Ludia can’t actually trace your GPS signal on an iPhone, so you can spoof to your hearts content… or something like that.

They work great for playing this game.
I hear all the top players use iPhones.

I using iphone, but nothing special

I did not boycott but I did cancel VIP for me and a family member.

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I actually uninstalled the game before the last tournament was over. If a video game maker is getting me upset and making my blood pressure go up it’s time to end it. And stop supporting it.

I’ve spent thousands on JWA,… and I invested a ton of time into it. That said I don’t miss the game at all. Yes it was fun met a lot of great people who are now friends. But JWA is a thing of the past.

Life is great best wishes to all of you.


They’ve already made they’re money. There are issues that need to be resolved but if everybody boycotts then they may just move onto another project and dinosaurs will go extinct once more.


Good luck with that. The people who spend money will never stop and are at the top because they paid their way and played their way there. I don’t really have a problem with spoofers as I know handicaps and other people who use it cause it’s the only way they can play.

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If spoofers are buying coins, incubators etc then Ludia won’t ban them, it’s the same with other AR games. They won’t ban paying spoofers if they know they will make money from them.


and yet, you’re contributing to the forums?

riiiiight… :wink:

This isn’t important but

I have VIP but besides that, the last thing i bought was raptor scents. And hadn’t bought anything for a while before that. I’ve been playing for free for months. I probably would’ve cancelled VIP too but being able to do strike events from home saves me the trouble of going out on a night that I’m not hunting.

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I’m in his alliance and can say for sure that he hasn’t been playing. But his presence is definitely missed.

Anyone not refunding what’s still possible to refund from Ludia is probably a part of a plot to make sure this game is dead by the time HPWU comes out.

Yup. @H2S is in our Apex Pred alliance and what he said is really true, guys. he really stop playing… already 1 month didnt see his DNA request in our alliance, and that is already enough as a solid proof.
We are sad to hear this news… He has tons of solid high level green border dinos team…and dear ludia, you just lost 1x good player.
Hope u read this

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@neodejavu Hey I appreciate the kind words. I still enjoy reading the forums from time to time. Apex Predators alliance is the best group of people I’ve come across in a long time. Dedicate hard workers, who aren’t only great players but good people as well. I’ve met a few in person.

I’m probably the oldest player in the Alliance lol,… but The bad RNG really was making my blood pressure go up. The spawn migration or better yet spawn extinction,… when Ludia decided to make building block dinosaurs into event or special incubator dinosaurs I decided enough. That’s called corporate greed.

As a small business owner I look at Ludia through a different light. Follow the money and what they decided to do will make sense to you. Pay-To-Play,… Pay-To-Win and Pay-To-Get the Epics you need. Truthfully I just got tired of supporting it. The game is extremely bland now unless you are dumping money into it… then it’s really fun.

Life is great I’ve just been super busy with work and I love what I do.


Im shocked that you actually spent thousands on this game. I’m having a ton of fun and I have spent a total of zero dollars.