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Time to delete JWA

After one month…the game still sucks…damn boosts - only pay to win, matchmaking is insane, i am loosing the most battles 3:0 - there is no fun and no balance!!

The anniversary event is ridiculous, buy incubators…only boosts counts as I learned, so DNA is worthless…event dinos are worthless, all become worthless, only who got the fastest Thor!

So, after one year, I’ll decided to delete this pay to win game…your company do NOT take care about the members…I think the game will be done soon cause worldwide only some thousands players left…

Maybe you will hire better staff than trainees



Good for you. Don’t want to be rude, but really, you don’t need to tell the whole world. Just adding to the negativity

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Enjoy freed- cough cough umm… enjoy being away from the game! cough

Sorry to see another player leave after being here a year.

I have not quit, but severely curtailed my playing and completely stopped paying, after spending probably $1k USD.

In before the thread merge (into the abyss)


I’d personally rather hear who is leaving and why, rather than find myself wondering where all the opponents went, and why can’t I get anything but AI battles…

If the devs don’t know it’s broke and what’s broke, they definitely aren’t going to fix it.

Communication is key to any relationship. Not communicating only makes for a terrible relationship that is doomed to fail.

Edit: I find it humorously ironic that some players see fault with the players that are leaving, rather than seeing the flood of players leaving as a problem.


And yet you’re still here :joy::joy::joy:

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I think those who are laughing and complaining about players who are leaving are probably those who are benefitting from the current mess (e.g., hundreds of trophies higher than they should be because they keep getting easy matches that don’t consider their trophy levels).

What they don’t get is that there won’t be a game if the majority, who are doing worse, decide to leave.


What is your point?

Did I say I am quitting?
Did I state I have quit the game?

I have cut back playing, and I spend zero dollars on the game now.

But for what it’s worth, there are more athan a few that quit playing the game but still post here.

But yeah… what exactly was your point with the laughing emojis?


They put everything on sale and I was like yeeeeeeeah right

Okay have fun

Let’s keep the thread civilized guys.

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This! ^^

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Just thought the same, If this was 6-8 months ago, everyone in this forum would take this offers!


Not a chance.